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Almond Board of California

See how the Almond Board of California enables hundreds of users worldwide and saves 50% on IT costs.

MediaValet Almond Board Case Study

About the Almond Board of California

The Almond Board of California was set up in 1950 to represent the Californian almond growers, who produce 86% of the world’s supply of almonds, in matters concerning agriculture, exports, marketing and more.

The Challenge

The Almond Board’s staff and marketing agencies were routinely frustrated with their in-house, legacy digital asset management system. Users couldn’t access the digital assets they needed efficiently and the Almond Board’s IT department was spending too much time on support tickets. The Almond Board needed a better way to manage its digital assets.

They wanted a system that would:

  • Be globally accessible and user-friendly for its staff and marketing agencies, and
  • Greatly reduce the time the IT department was spending on support and maintenance.

The Solution

Created on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet was able to meet the Almond Board’s technical and user requirements, as well as their need for a cost-effective solution. With the help of MediaValet’ support team, the Almond Board’s new DAM was fully implemented and launched within a 60-day cycle, exceeding the expectations of the organization.

The Results

Today, roughly one hundred users worldwide are happily using a custom-branded version of MediaValet on a daily basis to access and share the Almond Board’s 2TB and growing library of digital assets. Since implementing MediaValet:

  1. The Almond Board spends 50% less on IT and administration costs, compared to their previous DAM.
  2. The manpower needed to maintain their DAM has reduced from 10-15 hours per month to zero.
  3. The time required to perform back-ups has reduced from 16-20 hours per month to zero.
  4. Help Desk tickets for DAM-related issues have been reduced by 95%.
“MediaValet’s focus on exceeding our needs has been ‘par excellence’. They come up with creative solutions wherever we face challenges and their support team has routinely gone above and beyond - doing things you normally wouldn’t get from a vendor.”
John Joyner, A.D. Corporate Technology, the Almond Board of California

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