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Air North

See how Air North enables its remote employees and partners with on-brand marketing material and archives over 40 years of photos and videos.

MediaValet Air North Case Study

About Air North

Air North is a Canadian airline that offers passenger, cargo, and charter flights between twelve locations across Yukon and Western Canada. As a main driver of socio-economic development in the North, it employs over 335 staff in Yukon, as well as 120 staff in Vancouver and across other Southern destinations.

The Challenge

Air North was using various file management systems, internal servers and personal computers to manage 40 years of photos and videos. This not only created issues around discovering content, it also made it difficult to share up-to-date assets across remote workers, the media and its affiliate magazine, North of Ordinary. With an expanding team and a record year for sales, Air North needed to find a system that would better manage its valuable assets. They began to search for a DAM that could:

  • Provide seamless remote access to up-to-date content for employees and affiliates.
  • Share curated asset collections with external contacts, such as the media.
  • Enable global photographers to easily upload photoshoots and organize them into categories.

The Solution

With unlimited users and support, as well as an easy-to-use platform, MediaValet was the clear choice for Air North’s team. With worldwide data centers, MediaValet allowed Air North’s users, partners and affiliates to quickly access the assets they need, while enabling photographers to seamlessly upload photoshoots to the library from remote locations.

The Results

After implementing MediaValet, Air North has experienced improvements to how internal and external users upload, access and use their assets. Specifically, they’ve seen:

  1. Improved sales and marketing productivity, with instant access to the assets they need to sell effectively
  2. Enhanced collaboration across partners, with assets available to remote partners at any time
  3. Accelerated upload workflow, enabling photographers to upload from remote locations

“We have finally made the decision to find a system that would not only protect our assets from the threat of being lost but to also help us manage and track the use of our assets. We chose MediaValet as we love their product, their team, and the way they do business.”
Debra Ryan, Strategic Planning & Alliance Manager, Air North

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