Customer Success

Technical Customer Success/Support Lead

My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Customer Success here at MediaValet.

If you stay on top of tech and all things cloud and dam related, perhaps you’ve read about us in CMS Wire and Gartner reports. MediaValet is one of the top 10 Digital Asset Management providers in 2018.

With rapid growth over the past couple of years, comes career opportunities, and I have an opportunity on my team for someone who loves to talk tech with customers.  Their tech, our tech, and how together MediaValet’s DAM software will be a beautiful way to manage their digital assets. The position is a combination of customer success support (on boarding and training) with plenty of talking tech with members from their teams after the sale is complete. We call this position -Technical Customer Success & Support Lead.

As our Technical Customer Success Support Lead, your goal is to ensure that our clients are not just happy, but ecstatic! We are looking for someone who can quickly and easily build rapport with clients, and someone who genuinely cares and thrives on supporting their clients.

Tech you say – how much tech?  Here are the types of questions you can anticipate our team will ask during an interview.

What is a CSV file?

What is an RDP Connection?

Describe what is meant by Single Sign On – Bonus points is you can name some standards around this?

Give a brief explanation of cloud computing – what are its benefits and who are the main providers?

Name 5 image file formats – which one would be best for maintaining image quality?

What is FTP?

A day in the life of our Technical Customer Success and Support Lead looks like this:

  • We have flexible hours, but generally we are all in around 8:30am
  • We start with a review of our high priorities for the day
  • From there you connect with the development team to see what’s new, and get a status update on your open items
  • You’ll then connect with your clients, and update them as required (you may have up to 50 clients to manage)
  • Deliver some training / onboarding
  • Generate usage reports and identify problems before they become an issue – be proactive
  • Do whatever you think is going to help your client grow and adopt our platform!
  • Go home safe in the knowledge that your clients are all loving MediaValet

There are plenty of other skills you’ll want to have, such as logic, problem solving, ability to go on the fly, independent.

Located in Yaletown and four years old, MediaValet is the leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise class, digital asset management (DAM) software. Built exclusively on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet is delivered globally under a SaaS model, accessible from any browser, infinitely scalable, highly secure and supported by the best DAM team in the world. MediaValet is targeted at the marketing departments of medium to enterprise organizations and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

About the Team
MediaValet’s team is one of the major things that sets us apart from our competition. We’re renown for our individual, team and corporate personality, humour, and spirit. It also helps that were all extremely good at what we do.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.
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