Product Designer (Intermediate)

Are You a DAM Great Product Designer?


My name is Philippe and I’m the Head of Product Development here at MediaValet. If you’ve heard of DAMS, you may already know about MediaValet, and what it is we do.   What you may not know is that MediaValet was recognized last week as a finalist at the BC TIA Awards for Excellence In Technology and Innovation, and was also recognized as one of the top 10 Digital Asset Management providers in 2018

Like all design teams we thrive on finding solutions to our customers challenges.  What makes us different, is that every day, we are hard at work creating the best solutions for marketing teams from around the world. We take great pride in being innovative, and first to market with a new service.  We work alongside our Sales and Dev teams, helping large and small organizations address the challenges they may have storing and organizing their digital assets. The complexity of our customer’s needs is what keeps us busy, excited and always pushing to learn more about technology. We are problem solvers at our core. We design, test, tweak, design some more, and ultimately launch our new features and services.  With customers joining the MediaValet family every day, my team is extremely busy.  The Product Team started the year as a team of three, and now I’m looking for someone to join us ASAP as our 5th person, as our Intermediate Product Designer.  I'm looking for someone who can help me continue to meet (and ideally exceed) our customer’s needs, and our company goals.

As Intermediate Product Designer you will be working alongside a product owner and 2 feature teams to craft and deliver beautiful experiences for our new cutting-edge features. You will be starting with low fidelity prototypes, gathering feedback along the way (both internal and external) to produce a high-fidelity design by leveraging your graphical skills. Exceptional communication skills are imperative throughout this process. Working with your product designer peers, you will also strive to continuously research and evolve our design system. We use pen and paper along with industry standard application like Sketck, Invision, adobe CC.  What makes my team amazing is that we are always ready to quickly absorb, understand, and resolve complicated technical issues, and we are all open to receiving constructive criticism.  We understand that there are multiple methods of completing a task.

How will I decide who to meet with for this opportunity? When considering who is the right fit with my team, years of experience certainly is terrific.  However, equally of interest, are those who can demonstrate their self-starter attitudes, a passion and desire to roll up their sleeves to do a great job, and those who have skillsets and work ethics that are in line with ours.

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