Digital Asset Management for Tourism: Empowering TRAVEL With DAM

Digital Asset Management for Tourism: Empowering TRAVEL With DAM

Tourism is a vast industry that encompasses many different business types and models, each of which operates with an incredibly diverse set of staff, employees, volunteers, affiliates and partners. Despite this diversity, tourism organizations at every level tend to express that there are 6 core challenges they experience while trying to organize, search and distribute their media assets.

To help combat these challenges, we wanted to show you what tourism professionals should be looking for in order to ensure that staff and partners, at all levels of the organization, are empowered to T-R-A-V-E-L with their cloud-based digital asset management system (DAM).


T – Total Support

Time-to-market is critical in the tourism industry. Many of these organizations, no matter their size, are integrating new digital solutions that will potentially bring technical issues to employee work flows, essentially slowing down or halting projects. What these businesses crave is 1) the freedom not to worry about how much of their budget they will need to set aside for IT support in set up and user training and 2) a commitment to their success.

Look for a DAM vendor that offers total support including unlimited training, education, troubleshooting and help with any issues. This will reduce your reliance on IT and ensure that all employees will have a full understanding of your new system.

R – Rendering On-the-Fly

Issues around digital asset size and format often slow productivity and halt work flows. When content creators need assets instantly and in a variety of sizes and file types for different purposes, people and teams can get backlogged with resizing and reformatting requests.

Look for a DAM vendor that offers real-time rendering on-the-fly, which basically means real-time reformatting & resizing. This means that anyone who has access to the DAM can instantly choose whether they want to download a photo as a JPG, PNG and choose for the asset to be Small (480x640), X-Large (1440x600), anything in between. Teams no longer have to wait for adjustments because the file type and asset size are instantly adjustable and rendered immediately without having to send to graphics teams for alterations.

A – Anytime, Anywhere Access

Tourism businesses attract, accommodate and entertain people all over the world, and many of them operate out of multiple regional, national and even global offices. Employees, staff, volunteers and partners need access to assets from all of these locations.

Look for a DAM that is based in the cloud, allowing for access to all users anytime, anywhere. This ensures that all global employees, vendors and partners are enabled with marketing assets and are able to choose among images.

V – Verified Permissions

Although it’s good to have “anytime, anywhere” access to your DAM, there are many cases when flexible access permissions and groups need to be set up. Often materials for tourism have restricted usage rights, and digital asset managers need a tool to help them manage the usage of assets, track who has accessed them, and set permissions based on user identity or campaign expiration dates. 

Look for a DAM with a verified and flexible permissions structure in place, which will provide organizations full control of all assets and user rights. 

E – Empowered Teams

Tourism boards often rely on contributions from 3rd parties to highlight unique imagery. They need a way to allow contractors, such as photographers and content generators, to upload materials directly into their libraries for review and circulation. The job of a tourism board is to promote the area outside of the local population, and to do that means sending assets far away, often globally.

Look for a DAM that allows for remote uploading, and has an incredibly easy-to-use interface that makes sharing and using assets a simple and efficient process. This ensure that employees can efficiently work with contractors, and sharing even the largest media files is a simple process.

L – Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership

Challenges to adopting a cloud-based DAM can be budgetary in nature. Very often, projects with immediate implications within these organizations end up taking priority. Teams end up wasting resources creating assets and end up with a loss in efficiency.

The biggest thing to look for in a DAM vendor when budget is a crucial issue is the TOTAL cost of ownership (TCO) of the system. Do they charge for support? Is the full feature set included? When budgets are tight, organizations need a DAM vendor that includes unlimited support and a transparent structure. What you’re looking for is a vendor that enables significant savings for the future!

Use Cases

Brand USA T-R-A-V-E-Ls with a DAM

Brand USA had 50 TB of data. That’s the same amount as the Library of Congress – TIMES FIVE! They told us:

“Managing digital assets seems like a simple process, but it’s really more complex than just ‘parking’ your videos and photos in folders. To succeed, it would take a DAM partner with the infrastructure and experience to support not only our massive library and worldwide access and security needs, but also provide a simple and intuitive user experience with the training and customer support needed to ensure all our users are happy.”
- Mark Lapidus, Director of Digital and Social Media

You can read more about how we solved Brand USA’s challenges managing their digital assets.

Use Case: Portland Japanese Garden T-R-A-V-E-Ls with a DAM

Catering to tourists from all over the world, the Portland Japanese Garden considers their photos and videos to be a core component of their overall marketing strategy. They said:

“Making the decision to adopt a cloud-based system can be hard to accept, but the time invested to make the switch will pay off in dividends on the backend. We switched in the midst of a $33.5M expansion project. We didn’t have the time to do it, but we just couldn’t lose these assets that are so central to the Garden. Our DAM now saves us so much time. Making the switch seems overwhelming, but it’s worth it.”
- Lisa Christy, Portland Japanese Garden

And you can check out our Portrait of a DAM Professional, which showcases Lisa Christy at the Portland Japanese Garden.

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