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Supercharging Creative Workflows with DAM and CI HUB

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Today, creative teams are producing content at an exponentially growing rate. The pressures of excessive content, increasing deadlines, and an ever-growing list of stakeholders to answer mean that creative teams need all the help they can get to stay on pace.

Connecting your digital asset management (DAM) system with the creative team’s workflow helps them meet these demands, increasing the value of the tool. These kinds of integrations provide instant access to the entire digital asset library, ensure that only up-to-date versions of the assets are being used, and provide clarity on what has already been approved for use.

This is a game-changer for creative professionals working in fast-paced environments with vast amounts of assets.

CI HUB Connects DAM with Tools Your Creative Team Already Rely On

Since creatives typically prefer to work from their desktop and not have to continually download from the DAM, we’re happy to announce a new way for creative teams using DAM to keep using their favorite tech solutions without ever having to leave the DAM: the CI HUB plugin.

CI HUB is a powerful, easy-to-use plugin that can have a major impact on the way creatives interact with the DAM—which is ideal for creative teams that deal with vast amounts of digital assets and are collaborating on a variety of projects. MediaValet users can already install the CI HUB plugin in order to help streamline workflows.

How the CI HUB Connector Works

The CI HUB connector for MediaValet provides a seamless connection with several applications where you can instantly access digital files stored in your DAM within the applications that power your productivity. It will keep you in a faster, smarter workflow by reducing interruptions, iterations, and—let's face it—irritations. With the CI HUB Connector, you have direct access to the content, files, and assets from MediaValet in the following applications:

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • InCopy

2. Microsoft 365

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook

3. Google Work Space

4. Figma

5. Sketch

CI HUB will connect with a wide array of creative assets storage repositories and services—from DAM to cloud storage to stock image services—all at once. By using the search tool or browsing through categories, navigating your assets is easier than ever, not to mention the drag and drop capabilities that rid users of locating and relinking assets one by one.

Once users have found the assets they need, they can use them in the relevant applications, such as InDesign, and relink assets to the DAM easily, and in bulk.

Creative Teams that CI HUB Can Help

To help creatives, marketers, web teams, and more spend less time jumping between applications and more time producing, our CI HUB connector can leverage assets stored in MediaValet directly in the programs teams use day-to-day. Whether you are creating or updating designs or documents, this integration maintains MediaValet as your single source of truth and ensures anyone who leverages it always uses the latest version of each asset from your DAM.

1. Design Teams

Most designers are faced with the challenge of multiple asset requests daily, plus members of other departments using non-approved assets. With the CI HUB and DAM integration, this creates a single source of truth for all assets and incredibly easy search capabilities. This means others don’t need to rely on designers to access assets or to make sure it’s an approved version of the asset. Designers also save hours of time by not having to relink assets one by one.

The CI Hub integrations for the design team include:

  • Adobe CC (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator),
  • Sketch, and
  • Figma.

With these integrations, the design team can now easily find and work with assets without leaving their favorite programs. This improves workflow for designers, helping them work easier and faster—making more deadlines and improving time to market for campaigns.

2. Video Teams

Much like designers, the video team is busy creating, editing, and fulfilling requests for video assets. Using the CI Hub integration with the DAM, users are now able to easily search and find approved, up-to-date video assets without having to ask the video team.

The integrations for the video team include:

  • Premiere Pro, and
  • After Effects.

Just like the design team, those working on video projects don’t need to leave their program of choice to access CI Hub. This makes the workflow faster and more efficient.

3. Print Teams

CI Hub allows users to send final InDesign files to print by simply checking a box. The assets are uploaded into the DAM ready for distribution. This means the print team is always confident that they’re working with approved assets.

The integration for the print team is:

  • InCopy.

Having a single-source-of-truth and faster distribution means the print team can hit its deadlines.

Streamline the workflows of several teams using the CI HUB connector and improve overall efficiency for your organization. With all the right integrations already in place, this easy-to-use plugin is a quick fix for so many pain points facing the design, video, print teams, and more.

Make Your Creative Teams Happy with the CI HUB Connector

A MediaValet and CI HUB integration helps creative teams secure and manage creative files, all while accelerating their workflow. Not only does it provide instant access to the entire digital asset library, but it also ensures that only up-to-date versions of the assets are being used and provides clarity on what has already been approved for use.

The integration ensures the continuity of your creative assets, projects, campaigns, and processes. If these functionalities sound like something your creative team could benefit from, learn more about CI Hub today.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI. See MediaValet in action today.

MediaValet Team