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STEMbrite Selects MediaValet, Making it Part of its DNA

  • 2 min read

We hit it off with STEMbrite from the moment we picked up the phone - we knew exactly where they were coming from. STEMbrite is a start-up company run by education experts with some serious industry clout. They’ve been around the block a few times and are determined to do everything right from the start with this new company.

STEMbrite works in public-private partnerships with universities to increase student interest and engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Their digital learning products teach students to develop and hold a growth mindset, rather than a fixed one, in tough engineering and computer science degrees. Hence the name: STEMbrite.

As STEMbrite focuses solely on creating and delivering digital content, with lots of HD video, and they have a need to customize and localize content to meet user needs, they knew they needed a solid digital asset management partner. We’re thrilled they chose us.

Chris Carson, COO of STEMbrite shared his point of view with us: “We knew from past business experience that it’s mission critical we make digital asset management part of our DNA.  We had first-hand experience that it wasn’t going to be enough to settle for what other publishing and learning solutions companies are doing to manage content.  We, therefore, made it a core cultural value for our company to give the utmost care to managing our content.”

They took the selection process very seriously and vetted a number of digital asset management vendors. From a shortlist of three vendors, they then turned to Philippa Lehar, a DAMS consultant they had worked with before to help them pick the best vendor. She recommended MediaValet. It’s always humbling to us when industry experts recommend MediaValet, and it drives us even further in our determination to continue to deliver the best digital asset management library available.

The implementation is running smoothly. Chris and his team are already seeing dramatic improvements in the production cycle and time to market. We’re really enjoying working with this energetic team, and are inspired by the impact their programs are having on engineering and computer science students.

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