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Jump Into Social Media Strategy With the MediaValet Team

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This is us. We're really good at synchronized jumping.

We are the people who work on our social media here at MediaValet.


There are a ton of blogs out there that aim to offer advice on the best social media strategy, the hottest trends in social analytics, and a clear-cut path to winning the social media marketing game.

This post is not about that.

The truth is that we haven’t always found the actual process of doing social media marketing to be straightforward, which is something we think a lot of businesses might resonate with. We’d like to stop talking about easy solutions and the steps (that can be counted on one hand) that will solve all of your business’s social media problems. In this post, our team wants to share a little bit about our story. Social media looks so easy from the outside, but when you actually get down ‘n’ dirty, it isn’t at all. Crafting a consistent voice and visual story that represents MediaValet’s culture takes strategy, planning and good dose of personality.

Here are some highlights from our approach to creating a social media presence and brand voice that we are proud to call our own.

Focus on Customer Success

One of the things that we love is sharing the amazing work that our customers are doing. Being in the digital asset management space, we get to work with some of the most creative brands that produce unbelievable photos and videos and share them on our social channels. From Brand USA to Portland Japanese Garden, we get to showcase some of the best talents in the industry. We are always amazed at the work that our customers are creating.

Think Ahead

Online there is so much room for your audience to read something into your words that you didn’t intend – or to misread humor, for instance. Although you will never be able to think of every possible reaction someone out there might have to your company’s posts, you have to do your best to anticipate potential problems ahead of time.

A great social media strategist is someone who can think ahead because they know their target audience really well, have a breadth of knowledge & passion for the topic and have great relationships with other experts in the area. We try to tap into all of our expertise, passion and positivity with the goal of developing a community of like-minded experts. That’s what social strategy is really about, and it’s key to having an engaging social presence.

Of course, passion can send you in the wrong direction too – but that’s another issue!

Strategically Use Pictures

We believe in always having great visuals. And this isn’t just about a powerful image in and of itself. You have to think about your brand’s visual consistency, which in many ways is the most important factor. For MediaValet, we won’t post anything to social media until we can find a good picture to go with it - and there’s a strategy behind that decision.

If you think about what people are doing when they’re coming across your company’s post on social media, they’re scrolling - probably pretty quickly! The potential for your posts to get lost in the noise is huge. Essentially, the only way to get people to really slow down and stop to read your headline is to give them something that is interesting and different that invites them to stop scrolling. The most profound words in the world have so much LESS potential to be read these days if they don’t come packaged with an eye-catching photo or video. When a company has a consistent visual story across social channels there can be such a deep impact, and the importance of visuals is only going to continue to grow.

When representing a brand, however, one has to be aware of some dangers associated with the image choices - sharing rights, licensing, appropriate content. Having a curated, central media library and a governing policy for all users around those choices early on is really important to prevent these dangers. And you can be sure, here at MediaValet, we would be lost without our very own digital asset management system.

Choose the Tools that Work for Your Team

As far as content management, tracking, posting, analytics, editorial calendar…there are a whole bunch of tools out there to choose from. The trick is to find ways (test out the limited free versions) to try them out with your team, see what works, and adopt the ones that streamline your work processes. Sometimes we go with the big dog solutions, but keep in mind, sometimes what will work for you will be something no one else is talking about.


For gathering content and doing research, we love Pocket. Pocket is a Chrome extension and a website that helps you track articles you like by sending them to your “pocket” where you can save them to read or reference later.


We are also big fans of signing up for industry leaders’ newsletters and blog updates. It almost seems too simple, but when those are done well they’re totally worth getting a few extra emails in our inboxes. We always have a cache of great articles to read and use at a later time.

In-House Photoshoots

As we said, we believe it’s a necessity to post great images so we tend to find the best images on Unsplash and Pexels. But our favourite images to use are the ones from our company photoshoot! They’re so fun, show our company culture, and they always bring us back to great memories from that day!


The final tool we would be lost without is a social media management tool. There are a lot out there to choose from, but our favourites are Hootsuite and Buffer.

With Hootsuite, for example, our whole team is able to pre-schedule posts, track image and video use, and benefit from analytics when deciding on future posts and strategy. The cool thing is that now, with Hootsuite integrated with MediaValet, we execute all of this work with our images and videos right from inside the Hootsuite platform. It sure makes our life easier! 

Hootsuite integration preview

MediaValet Team