Thought Leader: Denzil Ford on Social Media and Your DAMS
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Thought Leaders: Denzil Ford on Social Media & Your DAMS [DAM News Feature]

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On July 29, digital asset management (DAM) thought leader Ralph Windsor featured an article on his platform, DAM News, that was written by our Content Strategist, Denzil Ford.

If your organization struggles with:

  • Executing a team-based social media strategy
  • Tracking photos, videos and other digital files that go out on social media
  • Creating company-wide cohesion in social media for your business
  • Linking your DAMS to social media platforms
  • Linking your DAMS to social media management tools,

then you might really enjoy this article because it provides a perspective that can often be hard to come by when searching for a DAMS. Specifically, it answers the questions: Where have we been? Where are we now? And then it ponders: Where might DAMS be going in the future?

DAM News editor, Ralph Windsor, stated that: “…the article is not a thinly veiled advert for [MediaValet’s] services, it is a deeper and more considered debate and discussion item…”

You can read the full article on DAM NEWS: Snapshots of the Past, Present & Future of Social Media + DAM

And Ralph Windsor also wrote an incredibly thoughtful response, which supplement’s Denzil’s perspective: What is DAM’s Role in Social Media?

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