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Orckestra, MediaValet Partner in the Cloud!

  • 2 min read

We’re excited to announce our first OEM partnership!

Based out of Montreal Canada, Orckestra has created one of the first ecommerce platforms on Microsoft’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud offering, Azure, and their knocking it out of the park. Sound familiar? To us to.

Under our newly forged partnership, Orckestra will offer MediaValet as part of their overall Commerce-as-a-Service cloud solution. The addition of MediaValet will help Orckestra’s customers efficiently manage and display the latest versions, and correct formats, of their product imagery (aka photos, videos, etc.) on their ecommerce websites.

Much like us, Orckestra is forging a new path within a legacy industry, enterprise ecommerce software. As with all software, ecommerce platforms are moving to the cloud and Orckestra was the first to build a solution on Azure.

Today’s most successful retailers are rapidly developing and constantly improving their ecommerce websites. On top of this fast moving evolution, marketing teams have to keep up with new product cycles and consumers’ ever growing expectation of fresh, high definition, product imagery. It’s a never ending process as new products replace old ones each season and technology keeps increasing resolutions and improving formats. In a standard e-commerce scenario, it’s not unusual to store tens of thousands of photos to represent thousands of products. That’s a lot of assets to keep track of, considering (for most retailers) their products change with the seasons.

Introduced by Microsoft, the synergies between MediaValet and Orckestra were obvious to each immediately. As neither company has any plans, or desire, to pursue the other’s area expertise, the partnership allows each to focus yet meet additional needs of their current and future customers. The obvious synergies go a little future as both companies share the same view on product design, customer service and company culture.

We’re super excited to be working with Orckestra, growing our businesses in a new direction, and helping more marketing teams.

To find out more about Orckestra, checkout to their fancy new website

MediaValet Team