It’s Not Just Forrester – Many Experts Say DAM is Central to Enterprise

It’s Not Just Forrester – Many Experts Say DAM is Central to Enterprise

Yesterday on CMSWire, David Roe reported that according to Forrester’s new Vendor Landscape, DAM has moved to the heart of enterprise. Roe’s declaration corrects many conversations out there that ask what it will take to move DAM into the mainstream and opposes the claim that it’s too late because DAM is dead.

At MediaValet, we work with clients every day who live and breathe what Roe describes:

David Roe, Staff Reporter at CMSWire

What is clear is that DAM is moving from the wish list to an essential for businesses across verticals.

In this post, we dig up some of what many experts outside of Forrester say on the topic. What we uncover is that businesses need to manage their digital assets more than ever before, and as Roe indicates, DAM solutions are increasingly becoming able to meet enterprise needs by adding a variety of functionalities and features.

What the Experts Say...


1. More Content Means More Need for DAM

Roe’s article highlights that brands have taken to being the first to tell their own stories rather than waiting for reporters and journalists to tell it for them.

The conclusion: In-house content production is driving the need for DAM solutions.

Ray Edwards, Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Communications Strategist

Ray Edwards, Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Communications Strategist (whose clients include best-selling authors Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield/Mark Victor Hansen and Jeff Walker) commented:

“Using the right technology solutions to manage and communicate brand and messaging has become increasingly important. Global enterprises with thousands or millions of digital assets risk not just embarrassment if unlicensed or incorrect images are shared – these situations can open their business to law suits or other damaging business outcomes.

In 2017, digital asset management solutions will become a staple tool in most marketing organizations.”

2. From Storage to Collaboration

Roe mentions that many DAM vendors are moving away from rote storage capabilities and into editing and updating content in the DAM itself. The technology’s evolutionary process is transforming DAM into a central collaboration tool.

Corinne Sharp, Entrepreneur

Corinne Sharp, Entrepreneur, CDN Top 25 Women of the Channel, and President IAMCP Canada illuminates DAM’s focus on speed and building collaboration amongst the growing numbers of unconventional teams popping up in the enterprise landscape:

“As we move into the “gig” economy, there is a need for content to be shared across teams that may only come together for short periods of time – teams that do not meet a classic definition of co-worker. Viable collaboration across these fluid teams of people will require secure and intelligent content platforms that enable ease of search and share – all at rapid speed. In business today, there is not only no tolerance for delays; survival depends on acceleration and agility.

In 2017 we will see DAM leaders offering more intelligent content options to support smart teams of people who can focus on the collaboration, not the technology.”

3. DAM is Getting Smarter

Roe points out that analytics and machine learning are quickly taking center stage in the DAM landscape, and no doubt, intelligence is going to be a key function of DAM moving forward.

Gail Mercer-MacKay, Speaker & Content Creator

Gail Mercer-MacKay, Speaker, Content Creator and Digital Storyteller explains further:

“The art of storytelling has become a critical element for businesses who want to connect more effectively with their prospects and customers. But for many employees, storytelling is not a natural skill-set. The ability to embed video, photos or other rich media assets helps employees create effective and compelling stories that support corporate messaging.

We believe that 2017 will see DAM leaders deliver more intelligence into their platforms. By offering suggestions, this functionality will “coach” employees on the right assets to use and help to extend storytelling capabilities across the enterprise.”

4. MediaValet's Contribution

The primary conclusion Roe makes is that DAM is becoming essential for enterprise businesses across verticals.

Mary-Ellen Anderson, VP Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft Canada

Mary-Ellen Anderson, VP Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft Canada explains how MediaValet is meeting market demands:

“By incorporating their Azure-based digital asset management solution into integration of Office 365 productivity suite, MediaValet has made it easier for organizations and their entire staff around the globe to access their brand assets – in turn helping their teams and partners achieve more in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

To read more about where MediaValet is going and where we think the industry is headed, have a look at our ebook: Seven Digital Asset Management Solutions for 2017

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