MediaValet & Margaritaville Celebrate Customer Success

MediaValet & Margaritaville Celebrate Customer Success

We feel honored that one of America’s most loved lifestyle brands, Margaritaville, chose our cloud-based digital asset management solution to help manage their collection of digital assets. Our team got them onboarded and welcomed them to the family with open arms.

During the sales process and throughout onboarding, we got to know the people at Margaritaville pretty well. We were thrilled when they said they were going to send us a “party package” so we could have a little slice of Margaritaville here in the office!

And then one day…the package arrived in the mail.

Margaritaville box delivery
Well…actually…it was dozens of packages!

We were shocked and a little overwhelmed at first but super excited. To our amazement after opening all the boxes – which took a hot minute – we realized that Margaritaville had sent us all the fixings for a company-wide margarita celebration.

Steve with Margaritaville mixer

So naturally, we did what any company would do in our situation: We had a party!

Margarita Party Courtesy of Margaritaville

Friends with Margaritaville cupsFirst sips of in-house margaritas in cups shaped like mini-blenders: Sales Exec, Parisa Padidar; Business Dev Rep, Billy Lane; and Demand Gen Specialist, Carlie Hill.

MediaValet employees with leisThese guys gave new meaning to water cooler chat: Max Harvey, Business Dev Rep; Eric Simmons, VP Sales; Jean Lozano, CIO; and Fraser Charles, Director Global Partnerships.

Friends with drinksThings started to get silly fast: James Millichip, Customer Success Specialist; and Nick Schemmer, Sales Exec.

Doing the limboAnd then we had to do it – Limbo dance contest!

The party was great fun, and from all of us at MediaValet, we’d like to say thank you Margaritaville! We look forward to all that is to come as our companies continue to work together.

AND we look forward to making Margarita Fridays a regular part of our culture with our new margarita maker!

Steve making margaritas

To read more about Margaritaville’s journey with MediaValet, have a look at their story: How Margaritaville Leverages DAM to Tell their Story.


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