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MediaValet Customer Success Mantra

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In our heart of hearts, what the entire team here at MediaValet wishes and hopes for is to truly solve our customer problems. Jump on the bandwagon, eh? Isn’t that what all companies say they are out there trying to do? And in business, it’s kind of a company’s job to say that it does indeed SOLVE it’s customer’s problems, right?

At MediaValet, we like to do a little more than just say it’s true.

In total dedication to the success of our customers, we do a lot of things – some big, some little. The real test, however, is what customers actually experience, and ultimately, what they vocalize once they start interacting with and applying the solution to their own specific business problems. The first thing we often hear is how satisfied customers are with the simplicity, reliability and security of our DAM. But after expressing their satisfaction with the actual product, the top 3 things our customers consistently say they love best about MediaValet are its:

  • Transparent pricing structure, supporting customer growth,
  • Easy and understandable onboarding process with incredible training,
  • True partnership & relationship, from Sales to Implementation.

Priced for Customer Growth

We’ve seen time and time again that when companies implement a DAM and organize their media-rich content collections, they’re positioning themselves for rapid growth. We’ve created a simple & transparent pricing structure for MediaValet that supports this type of growth, including unlimited users, unlimited groups and an unlimited folder structure. Whether you’re extending your DAM system to another department, acquiring another company, collaborating with a new agency or seeking to crowdsource photos and videos from your customers, the use cases are endless – and the pricing will stay the same regardless of the number of users benefitting from the system. The result of this type of pricing structure is faster execution, improved marketing performance and easier collaboration processes when generating creative projects and campaigns. 

Our customer, the Port of Portland, said this about their experience:

“There are various types of tools on the market to help companies manage their digital assets, however, few are easy to use, scalable, highly available and secure. MediaValet was able to provide us with a cost-effective solution that offered enterprise-level functionality, security and support.”

Onboarding with Love

One of the most common types of feedback we receive (and are most proud of) is about MediaValet’s dedication to customer service and support. When a customer joins the MediaValet family, we treat them as such - with love, support and an absolute commitment to getting things right. It starts with onboarding. We spend as much time as each unique project requires to make sure each customer understands how to organize their assets according to best practices, and we’re there every step of the way to get all their existing assets into the new system. We don’t rest until we know that the implementation was successful and the team is comfortable using the tool.

User adoption is critical for a successful DAM project, so in addition to making a user-friendly interface, we spend as much time as necessary training and supporting customer teams. And if a few months down the road a new group is added to MediaValet, we’ll help out with training again because we believe that unlimited training leads to unlimited success.

Eric Adler, one of our amazing customers that manages thousands of videos for a major NFL team, said:

“…MediaValet’s customer service has been outstanding. Our rep and main contact, Rob Morris, has done a tremendous job.”

This is something that we hear over and over from customers, no matter their industry. It’s true: customers love Rob and his team!

Port of Portland says this about our training services: 

“One of the most amazing things we’ve seen is the support and training that we’ve received from the MediaValet team…MediaValet’s commitment to provide unlimited support shows their confidence in the reliability and usability of their product – something we find thoroughly reassuring…”

As support people, we envision ourselves as ‘knights in shining armour’. We live to rescue the fair maidens of the digital asset management world (and the odd dude). We love saving the day and making peoples’ lives easier – it makes us happy.

True Partnership

When you choose MediaValet, you’re choosing a real ally – a partner that’s on your side from the moment we meet you to every interaction afterwards. Our sales team is helping potential customers determine exactly what they need in a DAM, and if MediaValet is a right fit for their unique business. Once a customer is fully onboard, we strive to keep an ongoing personal relationship with each of them, and support them in any way we can. We strive to be transparent in everything and never shy away from sharing who we are and how we do what we do every day.

MediaValet customer, All Inclusive Collection, has said:

“During our decision process, we didn’t feel pressured to close the deal or ‘hurry up’…[MediaValet] cares about the customer and their product is easy to use, intuitive for all user levels (which is something we needed), has unlimited users, and they as a company are transparent.”

All of this is in aid of building genuine relationships with our customers on an individual basis so that we can help solve their most painful problems. And if issues arise, our support is always there to help every step of the way. When we say support, we mean it! Our amazing team is known to save the day, whether it is to meet tight deployment deadlines, upload an unimaginable volume of assets in record times, resolve issues when off-boarding from other systems, and transfers to other systems, if required.

MediaValet’s Mantra

So just to be clear: What is our mantra?

It’s a simple phrase that is really common in content marketing, but at MediaValet the phrase is at the core of everything that motivates our daily activities and goals.

Customer Success…Customer Success…Customer Success!

We repeat it to ourselves, to each other and to our business network and community.

MediaValet is built on the belief that we can help our customers succeed like no one else!

MediaValet Team