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Why Marketing Teams Should Use a DAM in Conjunction with Their VPN

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Depending on the organization’s industry, IT requirements or infrastructure, many teams are required to use a VPN when working remotely. However, this solution often isn't ideal for marketing and creative teams, who function using complex workflows, multiple creation tools, and a wide range of file sizes and types. In addition to their VPN, these types of teams need a solution that can give them easy and instant access to the logos, images, videos and design files they need to collaborate efficiently and accurately.

Here are 3 reasons why your marketing team should use a cloud-based digital asset management solution, in conjunction with your VPN.

Faster Access

Depending on your organization, there could be 1000+ employees. If everyone is required to use a VPN, there’s a high chance that you’ll run into issues with connectivity, and even more noticeably – speed. When a significant number of users access a VPN at once, a significant amount of bandwidth is needed to support it. This will cause your organization to be more prone to lags, system errors and other issues that will ultimately waste precious time and delay projects.

For departments who rely on text-based documents and collaborate less frequently, like human resources and accounting, these lag times, while frustrating, often aren’t a major problem. However, marketing and creative departments require continuous access to larger file types, like high-resolution images, videos and design files. In this case, a VPN can quickly become a burden, halting productivity.

With a cloud DAM, users can easily sign into the DAM, no matter where they’re located, using their preferred internet browser. They can then download assets of any size, in bulk, directly to their computer, without fear of overloading the system. 

Improved Search Capabilities

In addition to the challenges around speed, marketing teams can also experience significant difficulty finding the assets they need when using a VPN. After logging in, users have to sift through their servers and folders to find the specific assets they need. They’re often limited to searching by title text, file type and date, and the asset preview is restricted to a small thumbnail, if available at all.

Teams that utilize a DAM can bypass these challenges altogether. With a customized folder structure and AI-generated auto-tags, including color, text and object recognition, users can easily and quickly find assets for a specific campaign or project. They can also preview 200+ file types, including Adobe creative files, PDFs, video, images, 3D files and more, in high-resolution and full screen. Teams are able to save a significant amount of time, ultimately improving collaboration, production and time-to-market.

Enhanced Distribution

Marketing teams collaborate with other departments and vendors, such as agencies, on a regular basis. With that said, they know the challenges that come with trying to send various files in various formats and sizes, through email and other communication platforms. Even after downloading an asset via the VPN, when trying to share it, it’s all too common to see the error messages around the file being too large, or that the message was undeliverable, regardless of the platform.

With a DAM, there are various methods marketing teams can use to distribute their assets quickly and easily. From customized branded micro-sites to pinned searches, there are no restrictions on the number of files or types that can be distributed. For example, a marketing team can create a Branded Portal to share specific campaign assets with the sales team. By eliminating the challenges with distributing assets, a DAM can guarantee that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date and on-brand assets.

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