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Create On-Brand Collateral at Scale with the MediaValet and Outfit Integration

  • 2 min read

It’s no secret that high-quality content is table stakes for marketing teams hoping to make a splash in their industry. Leading analysts, like Forrester, are continually sharing the importance of customer experience (CX) and the role that thoughtful, personalized content plays in CX strategies. Organizations that are committed to bringing the best experience to customers are doubling down on content creation.

While everyone understands that content is needed, the reality of creating that content is a much different story. With numerous marketing channels to address, marketing and creative teams need to create visual content at an incredible rate to meet demands. Combine this with the expectation of building content for other departments, as well, and its near impossible situation.

I know what some of you may be thinking: Can’t we just let them create their own content? The answer is yes – but they need to be equipped with the right tools to do so. This is where Outfit comes in.

What is Outfit?

Outfit is an advanced templating and creative automation platform that empowers teams within enterprise organizations to create digital and print content at scale, while staying on brand. By using Outfit, organizations can:

  • Get campaigns to market faster,
  • Reduce production costs, and
  • Empower teams to create content.

Integrating Outfit with MediaValet

A template is nothing without assets to populate it with — integrate MediaValet with Outfit to connect your existing library of assets with easy-to-use templates. Users can pull assets directly into their Outfit templates, streamlining content creation and boosting brand consistency. The combination of the two solutions empowers your users – even those without design software or skills – to produce collateral lightning fast, at scale and on-brand.

MediaValet Outfit Integration

The Outfit and MediaValet integration enables you to:

  • Empower non-designers to create content at scale for different channels,
  • Ensure on-brand visual collateral makes its way to the market,
  • Save time and resources from your creative team, and
  • Maximize your asset ROI with increased use.

Give Outfit and MediaValet a Try

For non-designers that want to scale their content creation, the MediaValet and Outfit integration offers a quick and easy way to create on-brand collateral at scale without the need for design expertise. Learn more about the integration here.

MediaValet Team