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DAM as the Foundation of Your MarTech Stack [eBook Preview]

Digital transformation has been the hot topic of conversation for years now, with over 70% of organizations already undergoing some form of digital transformation. The star of the show: your marketing technology stack. Having core technologies that are both scalable and adaptable ensure you’re enabled for growth, ongoing evolution and digital transformation success.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation, at the center stage of all modern and highly adaptable marketing stacks is a digital asset management (DAM) system. In fact, when interviewed, 79% of marketing leaders in Gartner’s Marketing Technology Survey stated that they have either fully deployed or were in the process of deploying a DAM solution.  

What’s become clear is that digital asset management is no longer an option – it’s become a critical component of the technical foundation that supports and enables all highly productive and adaptable marketing and creative teams – not to mention the departments, vendors and partners that they interact with and support on a day-to-day basis.  

This is especially true in today’s dispersed team environment. It’s no longer about solving one or two specific pain points – it’s now about the accessibility, security and productivity of entire organizations.

Digital Asset Management: When Improv Has Run Its Course

In today’s age, you would never have multiple CRMs, marketing automation platforms, etc. - yet often organizations will have, at minimum, dozens of content silos throughout their organization – an on-premise server, multiple file management systems, and maybe even multiple DAM solutions – sometimes in the same department. In short, many organizations are having to improvised to get by.

Think about your own organization and where your hard-won assets are today. Those assets that your organization has spent hours, days, weeks, even months creating...where are they? Are they on hard drives, in personal or team Dropbox accounts, held by your ad agency, photographers, videographers? Honestly, none of these options are truly acceptable when you consider that those assets are your intellectual property – and they were likely very expensive to create.  

To ensure the success of your digital transformation and enable your business to scale as fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, it’s critical to stop improvising and start identifying by locating all of your asset siloes and aggregate them into a central system. When implemented well, a DAM can – and will - manage, control and protect your high-value assets – the photos, videos, design files, PowerPoints, etc. that represent your brand, as well as the data around those assets, across the entire organization. 

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A Scalable MarTech Stack Starts with DAM 

In today’s highly fluid business environment, organizations worldwide are looking for flexibility. To maximize the value of a DAM within your organization, it needs to act as the foundation of your technology stack, feeding into every other platform available, to ensure that every user, department, campaign, etc. is using the same set of approved assets.

However, not all DAM’s are built the same – and not all will be able to scale in the way you need them to maximize ROI and future-proof your organization. We suggest evaluating DAMs using these two components, to make sure your solution can pass the test of time:  

  1. Architecture and technical capabilities
  2. Vendor approach to success

To learn about each of these components in more detail and how to maximize the value of digital asset management across your organization, download A Scalable MarTech Stack Starts with a Solid DAM Foundation now!

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