Designer’s Cheat Sheet: Free Creative Downloads

Great visuals are part of every digital program, social post and content element.  Most marketing budgets will have a line item for either stock or custom creative, rich media and creative software.  But sometimes the budgets are tight, extra projects are added and marketers have to think outside the box to make it work.  That’s where free creative resources come in – they can literally save the day.  Here’s a list of free resources for creatives and marketers:

Free Photos

Need photos for social media posts, or to create brochures and other collateral?




Both these websites offer high-quality, high-resolution photos that aren’t your typical cookie cutter stock images. Find images of landscapes, scenery, people and everyday objects all for free.

Free Fonts

Here are our top two choices for free fonts!



Font Squirrel

Both offer beautiful typography, 3D fonts and more. While there is the option to purchase select fonts for specific interfaces, both websites offer a large selection of fonts that are free for commercial and personal use.

Free Icons

In need of icons? Here are the top two recommendations!

Font Awesome  


Smashing Magazine

Font Awesome and Smashing Magazine are two great resources for free icons and social logos! Font Awesome is great for line drawn icons and social logos and can easily be modified to fit within any project scope. While Smashing Magazine offers detailed, colourful graphics for specific concepts and styles.

Free Backgrounds

Need a background or pattern? Look no further than Vecteezy!


Vecteezy is great for a variety of backgrounds. Featuring a handful of patterns, textures, colours, and shapes there is a large scope for a variety of projects! Users are able to search for their desired backgrounds using specific keywords or can browse based on the search groups provided by Vecteezy. Searches can be narrowed down even further, by selecting the background orientation.

Last but not least...

Here's a great website, when you need a bit of everything!

Creative Market

Creative Market is a go-to, when you’re looking for fonts, photos, backgrounds or whatever your heart desires! While this online market-place does allow its users to purchase community generated design assets, they also offer “Free Goods” each week. This includes fonts, templates, photos, backgrounds and much more. Users can subscribe to the website, in which they will receive an email every Monday once new goods are added.

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