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David MacLaren Delivers Academy Live Presentation to Microsoft Executives and Partners Worldwide

  • 2 min read

Our fearless leader (David MacLaren) started off his morning with a real adrenaline kick. Our office was on “hush mode” as he presented a live webinar to Microsoft’s Worldwide Events and Partner Learning Center on the topic: “The new buying power of CMOs and how you can tap into their growing IT budgets”.

To ‘whet your appetite’, he covered:

  • The challenges CMOs face in today’s digital world
  • How and why they’re bypassing IT departments and the traditional buying decision process
  • The opportunity the cloud presents to CMOs and other CXOs
  • How to use MediaValet to get the ear of the CMOs and gain access to marketing budgets.

The overall message that David delivered was to consider Software-as-a-Service (aka SaaS) vendors, such as MediaValet, as a Trojan Horse to gain access to CMOs and their growing IT budgets.

CMOs are bypassing CIOs in their quest to carry out their digital marketing efforts faster, better and cheaper. They can’t wait for CIOs to catch up or build their own solutions, so marketers are turning to the growing market of SaaS and Cloud solutions. And therein lies the opportunity for Microsoft and its partners to reach entirely new audiences.

For those of you interested in seeing the presentation, Microsoft has recorded the webinar and made it available here.

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