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Meet Rob Morris: An Interview with Customer Success

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How do you choose the right digital asset management solution (DAM) for your company?

You are pretty clear on your vision for the future, but you still definitively haven’t chosen the DAM partner you’ll entrust with all of your assets.

On the top of your mind is a burning question: which vendor is going to give your company everything you need to successfully manage your digital collection of media, photos, and videos and align with your organization’s current and future goals?

We’d like to take a moment to tell you about one of the core reasons our customers choose MediaValet and stay with us. In this post, we provide an inside look at the MediaValet difference when it comes to Customer Success.

Meet Rob Morris, Global Manager of Customer Success

To really illustrate what our customers experience throughout their buying, onboarding, and maintenance stages of DAM, we have to introduce you to Rob Morris, our Global Manager of Customer Success.

robmorris-morroco-desertRob heads our team that builds and maintains relationships with our customers. The Customer Success team provides knowledgeable guidance and continual support, which we believe are absolutely fundamental to the success of DAM implementations. We’ll just say it – it’s physically impossible not to love Rob! From his Scottish accent and sharp humour, to his leadership style and utmost dedication to customers – he is amazing. It’s the depth of his DAM knowledge and technical expertise, however, combined with his focus on customers, that ensures that every single implementation is successful and unmatched in the industry.

But let’s go back a few years and understand where this experience is coming from.

A true Scot, Rob graduated from the University of Strathclyde, located in Glasgow, Scotland, with a degree in Computing Science and specialization in Software Engineering.

After he graduated, Rob worked in R&D for IBM and then switched to Hewlett Packard.

Originally a fully-fledged techy, he uncovered another real passion: working with people. He took some time off to travel, experience other cultures and meet people from all over the world.

Rob also had time to rethink his career path and started working in managing complex IT implementations, combining deep technology expertise with solving customer’s challenges. From there, he spent 10 years managing IT projects all over the world that varied greatly in size and type. About this time of his life, Rob says: “I found that I really loved working with clients.” This naturally led him into a career in Customer Success.

Today, Rob is MediaValet’s Global Manager of Customer Success. Here’s how Rob describes a day in the life of Customer Success Team at MediaValet:

"A typical day starts about 6:30am were I catch up with the latest from our European clients. I’ll usually have a quick call with one or two clients to check in and make sure their onboarding is on track or answer any questions they might have. Then once my little guys (1yr old and 3yr old) are up and fed, I’ll head into the office, discuss the plan of the day with the team and usually jump straight into client calls – focusing on the east coast of the US.  My morning activities are usually pretty hands-on and range from coaching the team, training new clients, and sharing best practices with customers, to supporting our sales teams in any onboarding or product related demonstrations. Once the morning rush is over, I have time in the afternoon to take a step back and focus on more strategic goals.

The best part of my job is the continuous focus on the success of our customers.  My role does not stop when the client is onboarded. I’m always working on initiatives that help customers maximize their adoption rate and, in turn, guarantee the success of their DAM project. Understanding exactly how our clients are using the MediaValet system, taking stock of new use cases customers develop, and listening to new ideas they share is also critical to my role – these tasks help us prioritize our product development roadmap and make sure that we continually exceed our customer’s expectations. In the afternoon, I’ll round out my day with a quick check-in with our Asian clients who are just waking up!"


As we’ve alluded to before, the most consistent feedback we hear about Rob is that customers absolutely LOVE him and the team.

Consistently, our clients tell us that Rob and his team made their DAM adoption process simple as pie or that he went well above and beyond for their project. We asked Rob to explain why, time and time again, customers provide glowing reviews of his work, and here’s what he said:

"Bribery!? Ah just kidding – though I do like to send out cookies and the occasional bottle of wine when someone goes above and beyond for us! I don’t think I do anything special to warrant the praise – I think I just happened to be in the right position to take all the credit for hard work our customer success and development team does. Our clients tell me that compared to the competition, MediaValet is so easy to implement and use that they can’t believe how effortless it is. So I really don’t have to do too much. And as a customer success organization, the main thing we strive for at MediaValet is to be responsible to our clients first. That means we are ALWAYS available, and we will ALWAYS get back to them as soon as we can. Part of that responsibility is also to be open and honest with our clients. Nothing is ever perfect (especially in the IT world) so when something goes wrong, we always ensure we take ownership and give clear and honest answers – we are not afraid to say ‘sorry’ once in a while!"

It can be tough bringing people who are used to storing their images on CDs and memory sticks into a world where everything is organized and available globally 24/7. But Rob considers those to be the most satisfying clients to work with:

"When people are just moving into cloud technology and are making what literally feels like a leap to the cloud, they are the ones who end up seeing the biggest benefit. The great part of my job is that I work with users from all walks of life, and I get to learn about all of them. We have super technical clients who are Archivists with PhDs in Asset Management, but we also have users who run operations with only 3 to 5 people. Either way, there will be a point when you are working with them where they have that “ah-ha!” moment and realize that MediaValet is going to make their lives easier – that’s the part I love!"

Most of MediaValet’s clients are many miles away from our corporate office in Vancouver, and Rob told us that screen sharing and chat tools allow him to build and maintain those vital relationships:

"We generally do all of our meetings over a tool called WebEx, which allows us to share and view client’s screens, chat and use video. Personally, I love chatting over the phone, and I love to sit at my desk and get updates from my clients all over the world – snow storms in Washington, hurricanes in Cancun – I think I could start my own weather channel. I think the only challenge I have is that I have a strong Scottish accent, and I have to make sure I’m speaking clearly or things can get lost in translation."

And even though we are far away in physical location, Rob explains how we always try to make that distance appear as minimal as possible:

"What we are trying to do is be our customer’s DAM department “down the hall,” which basically translates to striving to behave like a true partner, not a vendor. If our client needs some help, support or training, we don’t track the minutes and bill them or draw a line in the sand where we no longer offer our help. We just do what we can to help, and 99% of the time we are able to make it happen. Part of this is making sure every customer has a single point of contact with our Customer Success team, and with that person, our customers always know they have a go-to person who they have a relationship with and who knows MediaValet."

In short, here’s how we at MediaValet define Customer Success, in Rob’s own words:

"Although we are a technology company and we work on some real cutting-edge developments, we are ultimately providing a service. And just like any other service provider, it’s the quality of the experience that sets us apart. Think of visiting a Michelin-starred restaurant – you may have had your steak cooked by Gordon Ramsay, but if your waiter ignores you all night, you’re not going to have a great time!

We have a tremendous product, no doubt, but without giving the customer the tools, skills and support to ensure that the solution is adopted throughout their organization, then it’s useless. That’s where we come in. MediaValet’s Customer Success Team is responsible for ensuring that our clients realize the full potential of MediaValet."


It’s so easy for us to tell you all of this and say believe us! But in fact, you don’t have to take our word for it!

Have a look at our Testimonial Page to see what our customers themselves have said about the MediaValet difference.

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