3 Reasons to Use Custom Images in Your Digital Strategy

We have all heard statistics about the rise of visuals in content marketing and the importance of using your own visuals to drive engagement, but, while this makes sense in theory, for most marketers, creating a library of original images is easier said than done. It can require heavy investments into photographer services, finding locations and even hiring models. Is it really worth it?

We don’t recommend spending your entire marketing budget on a few cameras and lights, but taking the time to get high-quality, creative photos of your team can have a positive impact on your digital strategy (even without the professional camera).

At MediaValet, we love every opportunity to do photoshoots with our team. From Valentine’s Day to our annual Christmas Casino Night, we’re always snapping and sharing photos that capture our journey and show off our fantastic team. We also use those images beyond an occasional Instagram post.

Here are some of the strategic ways we use culture photography to drive our results (and you can too)! Also, take a look at some of the hilarious shots from our recent Halloween Photoshoot (huge shout out and thank you to our resident photographer Rob – from Robert Bubek Photography).

Increase webpage conversion


Your webpage is often the first impression that a person gets with your company, so how do you stand out from your competitors?

It’s easy to grab a few stock photos and some graphics, but if you really want to start creating engagement at a deeper level with your visitors, add some pictures of your own team throughout the website. Some key areas are on the About Us page, the Careers page, and even on your Demo Request page! Adding personal touches to these pages shows visitors that there are people behind the product, and makes them more compelled to take that next step

Bonus: If it makes sense for your product, also pull images into your email campaigns and social media images. It’ll catch someone’s eyes more quickly while they’re clicking through emails or scrolling through their social feeds.

Win more deals


"We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people” – a Simon Sinek quote that stays true in our ever-more digital world.  People do business with people they know and like. Showing your personality as a company can help build trust and relationships at a personal level, above and beyond what your product is offering.

While you have to rely on your salespeople to highlight your winning personality on sales calls, you can use culture images to reinforce it on any supporting documents. Incorporate a few images of your team into sales presentations, proposals, or even RFPs, so your prospect can be reminded about the great people behind the product. This is even more important for Software as a Service platform, as it’s the people that make up the “Service” part of the offering and will continue building value behind the product, support training and adoption. Constantly highlighting that you are people, not just a product, works to make potential customers feel more attached to your brand over your competitors.

Attract the best talent


When deciding to join a company, the people and the culture are among the top 5 considerations for new employees – often even ranking higher than pay and benefits. And in a world where content is on overdrive and everyone’s attention is extremely limited, impactful, witty and creative visuals that capture your company’s spirit, culture and good times stand out from the rest.

Be sure to snap photos at company events, industry outings and other memorable moments, and share them on your corporate social media to show potential employees what to expect when they work for you. People want to feel like they align with the people they work with and the company they work for, so showing yourself as a fun, involved company can work wonders for getting the right employees in the door.

These are just three of the ways you can use custom images to boost your digital strategy! We're always looking for inspiration - share how you're making the most of your company photoshoots with us on Twitter!