Content Marketing for Manufacturers [eBook Preview]

Content Marketing for Manufacturers [eBook Preview]

The age of digital marketing has dramatically shaken up how manufacturing organizations market.  Marketers in the manufacturing space are having to adapt their strategies to prioritize content to maintain and attract customers. Once heavily reliant on traditional tactics like trade shows, cold calls, print ads and direct mail, manufactures have pivoted their efforts to tactics that have a clearer return on investment. This fundamental shift (which is here to stay), is being ushered in by potential buyers and their thirst for online content.

According to B2B Content Marketing, 72% of marketers said that having a good content strategy was a major key to their success. The challenge, however, is that while marketers in the manufacturing industry understand the need for content marketing, many struggle to actually create and execute a meaningful content strategy. In fact, Content Marketing Institute found that while 82% of manufacturing organizations are using content marketing, only 32% feel they understand what an effective content marketing strategy actually looks like. If your ultimate goal is to capture the attention of your key-decision maker, a multi-faceted, personalized digital content marketing approach will help you cut through the highly competitive manufacturing space.

Guiding Buyers with the Right Content

Creating a content marketing strategy is like designing a roadmap. You want to guide your buyer with a series of manufacturing-specific informational tools that will turn leads into customers, and, if done well, turn those customers into promoters. Often, the best way to achieve this is by mapping your content to the customer journey:

Buyer journey - content marketing

Attract: Bring qualified leads to your site
Convert: Turn website visitors into leads
Close: Turn leads into customers
Delight: Turn customers into promoters

Content Marketing Institute found that most manufacturers dedicate over half of their content to the first stage of the buyer’s journey. By developing your content strategy to address all aspects of their journey equally, you’ll gain a major opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

Content Marketing for Manufacturers eBook cover

New eBook: Content Marketing for Manufacturers

Our latest eBook, Content Marketing for Manufacturers, will take you through the buyer’s journey step-by-step and outline the content needed to build a successful strategy. At each stage we’ll look at:

  • Your buyer’s mindset and how to address it,
  • How content can help, and
  • Specific content ideas to try.

Ready to create your own bulletproof content marketing strategy? Download our latest eBook here.

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