[eBook Preview] Choosing the Right DAM

It’s becoming conventional business wisdom: every company today is a media company. At the center of this new paradigm is content. A lot of it.

Digital asset management has emerged as an elegant solution to help expand, streamline and distribute this content. But companies looking for a DAM face a varied landscape of designs, features and configuration options when they begin talking with vendors.

How can you make sure that the DAM system you are considering, is the right fit for you and your organization? We hear this question from customers all the time and help take customers through a number of considerations to achieve DAM success. We’ve gathered those insights in this eBook: “Choosing the Right DAM”.

The eBook will help you assess your needs and properly evaluate DAM options. Providing tips and evaluating DAM through various lenses, you will be able to navigate the DAM market and confidently select a solution that will meet your company’s needs and requirements.

The Major Considerations of a Successful DAM Implementation

Choosing a system that conforms to your business’ processes is critical. The degree to which you do this well will determine whether you realize the potential that a DAM has to offer or suffer the pains of lacklustre adoption, or in a worst-case scenario, a failed implementation.

Sidestepping feature-for-feature comparisons, we recommend evaluating DAM systems through three lenses:

  • Strategy: How to choose a DAM that complements your business strategy
  • Users: How to satisfy various DAM stakeholders to ensure successful adoption.
  • Configurability: How to ensure DAM features align with current internal processes.

Let’s take a look at the first major consideration addressed in the eBook: Strategy.

The motivation to begin exploring DAM solutions often arises because of various issues – whether something broke down within the company, the volume of content has overwhelmed the approval processes, or there was a loss of critical assets. Whatever the scenario, there is a realization that something has to change.

While the acute pain of that problem might be top-of-mind when you’re evaluating DAMs, it’s important that you also look beyond it and remind mindful of how solutions will fit your company’s foundational strategy and contribute toward achieving your broader business goals. The more a DAM aligns with your technical and business strategies, the smoother the integration will be and the more value you’ll realize from the system.

Regarding the strategic alignment of a DAM, there are two major considerations:
- the suitability of an on-premises platform vs. a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform
- the potential for scalability

To read more on the elements that lead to a successful DAM implementation, take a look at our new eBook “Choosing the Right DAM”. Download your copy here.