Can You Edit Office Documents in Your DAM?

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Digital asset management (DAM) is no longer just about storing photos and videos. DAM is a single source of truth that gives businesses the means to organize, share, and work with digital files of almost any type. This includes text files.

What you may not have heard is that in-app editing for Microsoft Office documents just hit the DAM landscape.

To explain the nuts and bolts of this new feature, which is almost unseen anywhere else in the DAM industry, here’s our Lead Product Manager, Kenneth Li:

Kenneth Li, Lead Product Manager, MediaValet

 “In-app editing of native Office content is virtually unheard of in DAM.”

What is MediaValet’s in-app editing feature?

The new in-app editing allows Microsoft Office content to be consumed from within MediaValet. When you’re logged into the DAM, you can view Microsoft documents in full detail. If you have an Office 365 business license, you can also edit the content. Your edits are immediately saved as a new version of the asset when you exit.

Why did we build it?

We wanted to empower users to make immediate use of their content. Traditionally, one had to download the content to disk, and then load it in the appropriate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint application. With the integration to Office Online, your content is loaded directly from the DAM in web versions of Office without having to manage offline copies of the content. By loading the content from the central source of truth, you’re always guaranteed to see the latest and greatest version of a document, which can be very important to people in marketing organizations who care about the integrity of their brand assets.

Can you take us through the process of using in-app editing for Office docs?

Like images and videos, MediaValet users navigate to the categories where their Office content is stored. Clicking on the asset will open the asset in viewing mode, which is designed for those who merely want to view the content rather than make changes. Viewing is great for any user at all – be they a guest, contributor, or admin of the library. Viewing will also work for anyone regardless of whether they have an Office 365 subscription or not.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, however, you will additionally be able to edit the documents directly in the browser. We will keep track of the changes you make, and upon exit, you will be redirected back to MediaValet, and your changes will be saved as a new version.

Who will it benefit?

All users of MediaValet will be able to view their content online. And subscribed Office 365 users will be able to further edit content directly and take advantage of MediaValet’s versioning capabilities. No longer will one have to manually check out a document, make changes offline, and then re-upload/check-in their updates as a new version. 

What does this functionality add to the DAM industry?

In-app editing of native Office content is virtually unheard of in DAM. It is only with our partnership with Microsoft that we are able to take advantage of such a unique opportunity and enable such integration into our product. Not only are we able to make Office content viewable in full quality, but the editing experience ensures that we keep assets as secure as they need to be.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have direct access to Microsoft technical teams, and access to integration programs that would otherwise not be available outside of Microsoft Azure.

For more information about how MediaValet’s in-app editing feature for Microsoft Office documents can help your organization, have a look at our product page.

MediaValet Team