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4 Benefits of a DAM for Nonprofit Organizations

4 Benefits of a DAM for Nonprofit Organizations

With an ever-increasing variety of charitable organizations, the nonprofit sector is becoming more competitive than ever, striving to increase the impact of their investments, attract new donors and recruit volunteers. Having a significant digital presence is key in driving funding and highlighting a given cause, and to do this well, organizations need to efficiently organize and collaborate on their content across all channels.

A digital asset management system (DAM) has emerged as a solution for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to better manage and distribute their content and establish a solid foundation for their long-term digital strategy.

Here are 4 benefits of a DAM system that are allowing non-profits to collaborate effectively and maximize the impact of their marketing investments.

Better leverage your brand

dam-not-for-profit-4A strong brand is more than a logo, a slogan, or the vision statement on the website.  It’s the sum of every interaction with your organization – both in person and across digital channels. But, with multiple departments and affiliates, all creating marketing collateral for various campaigns, it can be a challenge to ensure everyone is using a consistent brand message and aligning visually.

A DAM system ensures your departments and affiliates are equipped with marketing material that’s on-brand and up-to-date, helping to maintain brand standards. And, with access-restrictions, users only see the content that’s relevant to their duties or location.

User Example: Canadian Blood Services
After 13 years of working with an on-premises solution, Canadian Blood Services needed a new solution that would allow their field staff and volunteers to access and upload relevant photos and videos when they weren’t at the head office. With a cloud-based DAM, their staff can access the content they need, ensuring a consistent message across all locations and touchpoints.

Empower your affiliates and drive collaboration

Affiliates, volunteers and partners need marketing material and content to be readily available when organizing events, launching campaigns or running educational initiatives. Very few of them have the resources to create their own materials, so they need to ensure the resources being created will resonate with their audiences. They also need to be able to quickly upload their own files, to be reviewed by internal teams.

With a DAM, users can easily find, download and share approved work-in-progress and final assets, ensuring smooth collaboration across departments, agencies and other affiliates. Availability in the cloud also ensures that even users in the most remote areas, with no access to IT, can easily access those resources or upload their own materials.

User Example: American Refugee Committee
The American Refugee Committee needed to enable affiliates to share images from areas with intermittent internet connections. With a DAM, these affiliates are able to upload their images into the cloud, allowing the head office to access them within hours, instead of days.

Increase the impact of your content

dam-not-for-profit-2Making the most of your budget and optimizing marketing operations is key for your organization. Whether it's creating new marketing collateral for donor campaigns, fundraiser events or recruitment material, you need to ensure you’re maximizing the use of each piece, delivering the greatest impact possible on your marketing spend. But, when campaign elements are selected, there’s often content that remains unused, such as B-roll video content, archived event photos, and idle promotional materials. Over time, these assets add-up and are often too disorganized to be re-discovered or re-used.

With a DAM, teams can organize marketing content by campaign name, region, years, etc. allowing users anywhere to easily find and re-use visuals, content and media. By having a library that’s organized and accessible, your content lifespan is extended, and its value is maximized.

User Example: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network needed a solution that could improve the discoverability of their existing photos across locations, to be used in new content. With a DAM, PanCAN is able to search for content using keywords and categories, making it easy to find and re-use campaign photos.

Preserve your legacy

dam-not-for-profit-1Whether from a gala or a marathon, your photos and videos are key in connecting with donors, engaging volunteers and helping fight for your cause. Capturing moments from these events helps to preserve the organization’s history and to celebrate its achievements.

A DAM allows nonprofits to maintain and preserve their growing library of fundraising collateral and historic content, so it can be used for future initiatives, educational events and anniversary marketing campaigns. Some organizations, like the Jane Goodall Institute, even use a DAM to manage and distribute their scientific data, such as handwritten notes and video footage.

User Example: United States Naval Institute
The United States Naval Institute needed to preserve the legacy of its entire organization. With a DAM, USNI is able to securely store and leverage decades of photos and videos, to better engage with their supporters, keeping its history intact for years to come.

For more details on how MediaValet supports organizations in the nonprofit sector, check out DAM for Nonprofits.

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