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Assurant Selects MediaValet to Consolidate and Protect their Global Assets

  • 2 min read

We’re happy to announce that Assurant Solutions, a Fortune 500 global insurance provider, selected MediaValet to help them consolidate their global inventory of brand assets. With 24 offices in 13 countries, Assurant’s marketing team develops and supports a large number of brand assets covering a wide ranging audience. Up until now, their large inventory of brand assets was housed on network drives located in multiple global locations.

MediaValet will enable Assurant to consolidate their brand assets into a single brand library that all their offices and teams can securely access – from any country in the world. This increased access will help Assurant’s various teams save both time and money when working with their brand assets. For companies as large as Assurant, the time and money savings can easily equal millions of dollars per year.

“We have tens of thousands of digital assets housed on separate hard drives located in far-flung locations. Providing ready and easy access to these assets is not only a critical step in increasing our productivity as a department and as a company, but also in securing our brand assets - ensuring their integrity and longevity. We chose MediaValet because it was the only DAMS provider to meet our strict security, reliability and accessibility requirements.”

Karen Porter-Wolf, CIO at Assurant Solutions

In addition to increasing accessibility and reducing Assurant’s operational costs, MediaValet will ensure Assurant’s brand assets are secure at all times and fully triple redundant in at least two separate geographic locations.

We’re really excited to be working with Assurant and their global teams.

MediaValet Team