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3 Ways to Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

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When it comes to social media, most experts agree that there is no single path for businesses to meet their ROI goals. With social media strategies as varied as human fingerprints, different combinations of tactics work for different organizations.

But, not every organization has the capacity or budget to execute a full-fledged, intensive marketing strategy. In this case, sometimes it’s best to choose a small set of tasks and execute them flawlessly.

Here, we’ve narrowed down 3 actionable and impactful ways to amplify your social media strategy and meet your organization’s marketing goals.

1. Leverage Employee Networks

Many organizations may not realize is that there’s a wealth of media expertise and reach sitting within their very walls. Their own employees – particularly, the digital-savvy, smartphone-reliant ones - are eager to share with their network.

Just how powerful can your organization’s collective reach become? With the clout to reach audiences you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, unbelievably powerful!

Let’s play with some numbers:

Imagine a scenario in which you employ 100 people, and approximately half are very active on social media. Each of those has at least 250 Facebook friends and over 100 Twitter followers - not to mention the other social media platforms that they use.

Now, we can assume some overlap in connections, so let’s say each of your 50 “social staff” can connect you with around 200 new contacts. That’s 10,000 new people that could be reached!

By inviting your employees to share content with their friends, family and professional networks, you’ve tapped into a huge social media audience, each with their own social reach potential. 

2. Build Connections with Content

Retention of your content is of prime importance in creating a brand experience - if they don’t remember it, it didn’t happen. And with the volume of content we’re processing every day, information is easily forgotten or ignored if it doesn’t resonate. The integration of informative and visual content into your social media can enhance your audience’s attention, absorption and retention levels.

As marketers, our goal is to provide people with content that will help them connect with our brand. Both internally and externally, across multiple departments, customers and suppliers, we want anyone who comes in contact with the brand to make a positive connection.

Creating unique content based on company culture, knowledge and social initiatives is a winning strategy for leading marketing teams who build brands that stand out. The content itself becomes a huge part of the company and a true asset to the brand. Ranging from inspirational to educational, strong content does more than just push products – it builds loyalty that drives bottom lines and differentiates leading brands against their competition.

3. Invest Into Strong Visuals

With over 80% of marketers using visual assets in their social media marketing, it’s clear that visuals are key component of any good social strategy. Taking the time to invest into building strong, eye-catching visuals is detrimental if you hope to gain any traction.

The visuals you choose to share are ultimately going to be based on your industry and social media strategy, ranging from inspiring videos from a recent fundraiser to images purchased from stock sites. But regardless of type, consumers now have an attention span shorter than a goldfish (8 seconds), so your visuals only have a short period of time to grab their attention.

90% of Information Transmitted to the Brain is Visual

Equally as important to building visuals, is making them easily available to your social media team. With content being created across multiple devices and locations, it’s easy for an infographic, video or image to end up on someone’s desktop, forgotten and never to be seen on social media again.

Different organizations require different levels of storage, but usually choose to store their social visuals in a file-storing solution like Dropbox or a DAM. Most of these options even integrate into various social media management platforms.

Making a strong library of visuals, optimized for various social media accounts is worth the initial investment. It helps to drive emotional connections with your potential customers and, ultimately, ensures they remember you at the end of the day.

Jumping Into Social Media Strategy

These are just a few ways that you can take social media by the reigns and lead your organization to social victory. If you're interested in seeing how we approach social media internally, check out Jumping Into Social Media Strategy with the MediaValet Team.

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