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5 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Should Love the Cloud

  • 4 min read

Streaming music on your smartphone during your morning bus ride and enjoying movies from your cozy perch in the local coffee shop are just a few of the many examples of cloud computing in action in everyday life. The cloud isn't just for streaming services and email connectivity though, because there are now a variety of established platforms such as and Office 365 that offer enterprise solutions for businesses too. As a marketer, you are already using a variety of solutions powered by the cloud, from marketing automation to analytics to social platforms. Implementing marketing technology solutions built on trusted platforms such as Microsoft Azure not only gives you peace of mind but also makes your job easier. Here are just a few reasons you should love the cloud (if you don't already).


Microsoft has invested heavily in security and privacy controls to ensure that the data you entrust to them is secure in the cloud. In fact, the level of security provided through Microsoft Azure is superior to that of many onsite networks. With data centers in 20 regions around the world, your data is triple replicated in the cloud and then geo-replicated on the same continent.

Cloud solutions powered by Microsoft Azure allow you to effectively manage and control identity and user access to your cloud environment with features such as multi-factor authentication, which provides a more secure sign-in process. Encrypted communications protect your data while in transit.

Privacy and transparency are also paramount in the cloud. With Azure, your data remains your own, even when it is stored in the cloud. Everything from text and sound, to data and images can be accessed anytime you need without the assistance of Microsoft. You control where your data is stored, the secure access to it, and the power to edit and delete.

Of course, none of this is worthwhile without transparency. Microsoft's transparency guidelines let you know where and how your data is stored, how it's used, what Microsoft does to secure it, and even lets you know who requests to access your data. Just because your data isn't onsite, doesn't mean it has to be out of your control.


The cloud really shines when you look at scalability. The ability for your cloud services to grow as your content needs grow is critical. Whether you need to hire more employees and bring in more users or you’re preparing to launch a new product line and marketing campaign, cloud services powered by Microsoft Azure offer the flexibility and ease of scalability to support that growth.

No Upfront Costs, and Lower Long-Term Costs

Marketers use a lot of software programs and data collection tools to gain insight into consumer behavior and develop effective campaigns. Cloud services allow you to better control your operating budget by providing access to the software programs and asset management tools your department needs, without having to worry about purchasing, installing, and constantly upgrading the software used or the amount of space devoted to asset storage.

Smooth Integration

As a marketer, you rely on a variety of tools to get your job done. According to an eMarketer survey of marketing professionals, 49% of respondents (the highest grouping) said full integration with other technologies was a key reason behind their appreciation of cloud technology in their field. The cloud allows you to integrate various products into your marketing department operations, which enables maximum performance with the freedom to choose the "best-of-breed" solutions from each category. For example, you can integrate solutions already on Microsoft Azure, integrate Sharepoint, and connect standard Microsoft Office tools to develop an effective marketing stack that gets your department humming along smoothly.

Ease of Use

Last but not least - besides all the technical aspects and benefits of Azure - plain and simple, it's easy to use and allows marketers to do their job without having to ask a member of the IT department for assistance at every turn. Because so many new software platforms are deployed via the web, it's easier for marketers to create accounts without waiting for IT to install, upgrade, or perform maintenance on the programs.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about updating software programs or waiting for new features. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) takes the burden of these tasks off your shoulders because SaaS solutions are routinely updated by cloud providers, with new features added and enhanced experiences included as they become available.

The cloud isn't just changing the way your company as a whole operates each day. Cloud services powered by Microsoft Azure bring a multitude of benefits that make your job as a marketer easier by putting all the tools you need at your fingertips and making them easier to use than ever before

MediaValet Team