5 Key Features Every DAM for Healthcare Must Have

5 Key Features Every DAM for Healthcare Must Have

The healthcare industry is going through a flurry of changes – BYOD is becoming more popular, competition for funding is increasing and healthcare organizations are adopting new technologies, like the cloud.

Unfortunately, with these changes comes added risk, with cyber-attacks in the USA becoming more and more frequent. In the past year, over 90% of healthcare organizations reported at least one data breach and in response, hospitals & other HIPAA-responsible companies are becoming the subject of more frequent audits and increasing fines.

On the marketing front, the proliferation of marketing assets (video, photos, etc.) has caused havoc for healthcare organizations, who typically have more stringent security and compliance requirements than most other industries.

This is where a DAM comes in. A digital asset management system (DAM) helps healthcare organizations better manage their marketing material and brand assets, while remaining HIPAA compliant and secure.

But what specific features should you look for in a DAM? That’s a great question…

What to look for in a DAM for healthcare

The healthcare industry has very specific pain points and requirements, making it difficult to find a DAM provider that understands your needs and delivers a viable long-term solution. Here are five key features that you should look for in a DAM:


1. Comprehensive Compliance

One of the key features any healthcare organization should be looking for in a DAM provider is its willingness to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). By entering into a BAA, the DAM provider is stating that they will comply with all HIPAA standards and follow the rules & regulations required to properly safeguard any personal health information stored. Additionally, this holds the provider liable for any breaches of data caused by the DAM and makes them responsible for following the steps to properly report any breach.

2. High Security

As the health industry is so regulated and is frequently subject to audits, it’s important to find a DAM system that has an expertise in security. Look for a DAM that uses a well-established and reliable cloud platform with a reputation for outstanding security, such as Microsoft Azure. That way, your company can rest assured that your assets are being safely and securely held at all times.

3. Advanced Access Permissions

Controlling who has access to your media assets and how they can use them is critical – especially for healthcare organizations given the sensitivity around personal health information. With various locations, partners, and departments, not everyone needs access to the same photos, videos, presentations, etc. To keep your assets secure and private, especially those that contain personal information, it’s important to only look at a DAM that offers advanced permission-level access. This ensures that each user of your DAM will only be able to access the assets that are relevant to them.

4. Tracking and Reporting

When assets containing personal information are being stored, it’s important to have a DAM that tracks everything that happens with an asset, such as who uploaded it, approved it, viewed it, shared it, downloaded it or keyworded it. This information can be critical in many instances, especially if there has been any misuse of assets.

5. Strong User Experience

No matter the level of security, compliance or functionality, if a system isn’t used, it’s of no use. User acceptance, adoption and experience are all tied directly to one another. When looking for a DAM, the vendor’s user interface, training material and support are all crucial elements in determining a user’s overall experience with a system. When looking for a DAM, look for an attractive, easy to use and intuitive interface. Then, ask for references from the provider that can talk to the training and support that the provider provides.

These are just a few things to look for in your hunt for your ideal, HIPAA compliant, scalable DAM.

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