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5 Benefits of DAM for Higher Education

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This blog post was originally posted in February 2016 and has been updated.

From Ivy League schools to community colleges, the education sector is becoming more competitive than ever, constantly battling for funding and new students. As competition increases, having a significant digital presence can be key in driving recruitment, engaging students and attracting donors. But, the larger your digital presence, the more content you need to be creating, which often leads to an overflow of digital assets and no scalable way to manage them.

This is where a DAM comes in.

A digital asset management system (DAM) helps universities and colleges to better manage their content and establish a solid foundation for their long-term digital strategy, acting as a central library for all of their visual assets such as photos, videos, graphics, logos and more.

Here are 5 benefits of a DAM system that are allowing leading universities and colleges to maximize the ROI of their content and increase the overall productivity of their departments.

Removing Bottlenecks

With asset requests constantly coming in from the marketing department, the alumni association and other departments, there are frequent bottlenecks for IT departments and digital teams, as they try to track down the correct assets in the formats requested. Many universities today, including the University of Windsor, are using a DAM to remove these bottlenecks by empowering departments and individual users to access a single media library, where they can easily search for and share approved photos, videos and more, without having to contact the IT department. Some DAM systems also have AI capabilities, ensuring all assets are automatically tagged with relevant keywords to optimize discoverability.

Providing Secure Access

Universities and colleges can have thousands of faculty members, staff, students and partners, all based in different locations with different priorities and needs for the school's files and brand assets. A DAM system allows administrators to set customize permission settings, ensuring that specific departments, seniorities and other stakeholders will only have access to the assets that are relevant to them. Permissions can be set manually, or through various Single-Sign-On services, such as Azure Active Directory or Okta.

Giving Immediate Access to Branded Content

Distribution can be a major challenge for universities, especially when they’re working across multiple locations and in different languages. Whenever a brochure or piece of content is updated, the marketing team needs to ensure the change is communicated with the necessary departments. A DAM allows universities, like the University of Wollongong, to make their content widely available while complying with security requirements, ensuring users can access the most up-to-date brochures, newsletters, reports and recruitment material 24/7.

Tracking Individual Asset Rights

Each year, leading universities collect a flurry of photos and videos from fundraisers, speaker conferences and commencement ceremonies. With so many digital assets being collected, it can be hard to keep track of what rights are attached to which photos or videos. With a DAM in place, schools are able to attach the photographer, expiration date and usage rights directly to each asset, while also linking it to the appropriate model release form, ensuring that there's no illegal use of assets.

Preserving History

Throughout a post secondary’s lifespan, there are countless assets that have derived from different marketing channels, events, and faculties that all contribute to an extensive media library. While a DAM system can be primarily used to organize a current or growing library, it’s also a great tool to help preserve and archive assets. With DAM, universities can easily archive and store photos and videos from each year and event, ensuring they are secure and in turn preserving the school’s legacy for years to come.

These are only a few examples of how colleges & universities are using DAM. If you’re ready to take a deeper look at digital asset management best practices and evaluate if you're ready for a DAM, here's how MediaValet enables schools to better manage their content: Digital Asset Management for Higher Education.

Carlie Hill

Sr. Manager of Content Strategy at MediaValet

Carlie Hill