Benefits of digital asset management software to microsoft partners
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3 Benefits of DAM to Microsoft Partner Alliances

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Last Sunday, Microsoft kicked off its annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto, Canada. One of the critical questions the conference promises to answer is how to build the breadth and depth of your business in partner-to-partner collaborations. From experience, we know that these sorts of business relationships don’t just happen out of nowhere. There has to be a real benefit for both parties, and relationships have to evolve organically. Because so many industries are increasingly turning to content marketing that includes rich media files, such as photos and videos, digital asset management (DAM) is quickly becoming a much more crucial concern for many professionals across the Microsoft community. In this post, we’ll explain more about the value a DAM can bring to Microsoft Partner Network alliances. Hint: this isn’t just about photo storage anymore, and there are at least 3 critical benefits of creating more Partner Network collaborations.

The “New” Digital Asset Management

Managing digital media files still has the stigma attached to it that “management” begins with file storage and ends with some kind of organization system that defines a search process.

We have seen time and time again how our customers are using DAM technology for so much more. Digital asset management isn’t what it used to be – it has been born anew. For example, by providing terminals from within dance studios that give instant access to 65 years of training videos, a ballet company turned their DAM into a critical teaching tool. An entertainment stage and set design business used their DAM to showcase the company’s past work during brainstorming sessions with current and potential clients, transforming their DAM into a living portfolio. A Canadian non-profit provided access to all employees working in the field across Canada through their DAM and turned their DAM into a remote hub from which volunteers and staff create powerful marketing and advertising campaigns on the fly, as events are happening.

These are just a few examples of businesses that have chosen to store and organize their entire collections of digital assets, but then realized that the potential functionality greatly exceeded their expectations. Digital asset management provided a means to streamline workflows, put all digital assets at the fingertips of all employees, no matter their location, and offered the opportunity of working with both new and existing digital assets in real-time.

How do Microsoft Partners Benefit from DAM + Office 365 solutions?

What’s more, a DAM worth its salt is going to provide a set of critical integrations that put digital assets at the fingertips of marketing and design teams directly from within the tools they already use. Presentations can now be built with images, video clips and audio files that are accessed by clicking the DAM icon within PowerPoint, which opens an in-app panel displaying the search function and a set of assets. Design teams no longer need to create, maintain and keep file after file of images on their desktop hard drives because the DAM can be accessed from within all of the Adobe Creative Suite apps. And if your customers are on Office 365, the MediaValet App can be integrated into the entire suite providing access to the whole approved media library, and all it takes is just one click to open the in-app panel and fully-functioning search feature.

The Value of DAM for MPN Partnerships

A DAM integrated into other cloud-based solutions allows customers to instantly access their entire collection of rich media files directly from the programs they already use to brainstorm, design, and execute their projects. And there is a huge potential amongst MPN Partners to join forces.

For example, MediaValet recently joined forces with Orckestra to enhance a national sporting goods retailer’s ability to build innovative and interactive technological ecommerce advertising and in-store customer experiences. The sporting retailer needed to quickly create a strategy for providing digital experiences to their customers. Orckestra provided guidance to create an overall strategy for the sports retailer, and MediaValet provided the means for nation-wide employees to access the photos and videos at the heart of the campaigns.

In the end, the value of DAM in the Microsoft Partner Network is threefold:

  1. By bringing together various enterprise technological solutions with digital asset management solutions, partners can collaborate as MediaValet and Orckestra did, to win business together.
  2. Those collaborations are going to deliver highly sophisticated solutions to customers, essentially providing them with the means to execute mature marketing and advertising projects that were previously more difficult, if not impossible.
  3. And these genuine enterprise collaborations that more efficiently bring high-level technological solutions will result in happy customers and repeat business for everyone!

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