MediaValet Marketing team - Valentine's

14 Marketing Gems We Love That are Sure to Make Your Work Week Sparkle

Here at MediaValet, we are kicking off 2016’s day of love by compiling the top 14 marketing gems we love working with the most. These are the websites, blogs, newsletters, people and tools that inspire us to create great content and make what we do each day just a little easier. They are sure to make your workweek around Valentine’s Day sparkle!

Looking Good, Sweetheart

We absolutely love these companies for their outstanding visuals.

  1. Unsplash showcases amazing high-quality photos and super-talented photographers.
  1. Brand USA is one of our customers, and we are in love with their Instagram feed. You can read about their DAM story here.
  1. Behance is a great online portfolio that showcases the work of creative professionals. Some crazy, creative and inspirational stuff here!
  1. Canva claims their product is “amazingly simple,” and we agree. This tool makes our life in social media easy and helps create beautiful visuals.
  1. Go Animate makes videos easy and accessible to anyone.

Sweet Talk Me

Here are some of our favorite content gurus who know how to sweet talk the digital world.

  1. Unbounce produces an engaging blog full of in-depth high-quality content.
  1. Jay Acunzo knows how to deliver passion for high-quality content. As a bonus, his posts provide clear actionable advice and tips that is a goldmine for any content marketer.
  1. Content Marketing Institute sets the standard for quality content. They create CMWorld and ICC Conferences where content superstars meet up and share their latest tricks, tips and recipes.
  1. ConvinceAndConvert posts a delicious blog on an incredible array of topics and includes actionable advice.
  1. Jay Baer’s claim to fame is, “The world’s most inspirational marketing and online customer service speaker,” and we agree. He is the founder of ConvinceAndConvert, but has a blog of his own well worth visiting. Jay also produces amazing guest blog posts at other sites. We like to keep our eyes on him!
  1. Jeff Bullas offers a great blog, and we love to share his advice.
  1. Invision’s weekly newsletter is a great example of email strategy done right, and we love to read it every week!

Spice It Up

These last two finds have a strong design flair, and they keep creative juices flowing around here!

  1. WebDesign Ledger is a resource for web designers by web designers. Along with melting our butter, this one helps us keep up with trends and information on design, code and UX/UI.
  1. Design Taxi does a really great job of providing updates on design and ad trends going on around the world in their daily newsletter.

Recipe for Love

Along with this list, you can also have a look at our 6 Must-Follow DAM Influencers on Twitter – these gurus are top-notch professionals passionate about Digital Asset Management. Have an extra special weekend.