Elegant and simple way to collaborate on assets for teams that love Slack

  • Accelerate

    Accelerate creative process, approvals and content creation

  • Enable

    Enable teams to collaborate in the environments they know and love

  • Track

    Track asset related discussions, approvals and comments in MediaValet

Seamless Creative Collaboration

Seamless Creative Collaboration

  • Send MediaValet assets through Slack channels, direct message or private groups
  • Easily start conversations and discuss assets on Slack, even on your mobile device
  • Send recorded conversations back into MediaValet as comments

Simplified Workflow

Simplified Workflow

  • Incorporate media and marketing assets into team’s daily communications and workflows
  • Request asset approval through Slack direct messaging
  • Record approval response and comments in MediaValet

Automatic Tracking

Automatic Tracking

  • Maintain a single source of truth for media, brand and content assets
  • Track all asset versions and related discussions, information and activities
  • Store asset discussion and approval records, regardless of Slack version limitations on quantity or date of records

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