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Hi! Let us introduce ourselves.

As a digital asset management system built exclusively in the cloud and employing all the latest advancements, it would seem to most people that technology is MediaValet’s greatest advantage – but they’d be wrong. Hands down, the number one reason why companies choose MediaValet is our people. Individually, and as a team, we’re funny, compassionate, honest, and extremely polite (oh, and we’re Canadians – or Canadian wannabes).

If you have a moment and you want to hear our favorite DAM joke, click here.

Sorry, back to the introductions…

We’re proud to introduce you to the best DAM team in the business:



Eric Simmons

VP of Sales

A Sales heavyweight in Vancouver’s tech industry, Eric is known for his unique approach to identifying critical market demand that drives scalable SaaS revenue.

At home, his two wild boys keep him grounded with art, Parkour, and Star Wars Lego battles. For the ultimate escape, Eric retreats to his in-home sound engineering studio.



David MacLaren

Founder and CEO

David’s the kind of guy who started his first business when he was in elementary school and he hasn’t looked back since.

Now a seasoned serial entrepreneur, he is building MediaValet to be the #1, cloud-based DAM system on the planet. When he’s not busy being a CEO, he’s serving the team homemade baked goods or making everyone delicious specialty coffees. To work off all these treats, David spends his weekends kayaking and mountain biking around his home in Deep Cove, BC.



Maria Osipova

VP of Marketing

Equipped to dominate the hyper-growth phase of marketing in a startup, Maria is a brand strategy leader known to drive revenue growth with significant pipeline contribution – and she does it in her sleep.

Wholeheartedly dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with early-career B2B marketers, Maria spends her free time teaching local university courses in Demand and Lead Generation and training for marathons!



Jean Lozano


Resourceful, inventive and tenacious, Jean applies his 18 years of technical and management expertise to leverage new technologies to drive MediaValet’s ongoing technological prowess.

Jean isn't your average computer geek. You’re likely to find him in the gym pumping iron or hurtling down the Sea-to-Sky Highway on his motorcycle.



Fraser Charles

Director Global Strategic Partnerships

Growing from a mechanical engineer to a regional GM at one of the world’s largest infrastructure conglomerates, Fraser learned that his passion at work is building things with people. He brings to MediaValet a rare gift – the innate ability to create lasting and mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

Stepping out of the office, he’s an over-excitable dad and an unapologetic outdoor enthusiast addicted to mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing and ski touring.



Johnny Hermann

Software Development Manager, Lean-Agile Coach

A lot of tech companies claim their software is built under an Agile framework. But Johnny is the person who can actually turn a philosophy on paper into an operational mindset that motivates teams to build and deliver excellent products consistently.

Away from his desk, he is a martial arts practitioner and loves world travel, digging up dinosaur bones, and poking molten lava with sticks.



Rob Morris

Global Customer Success Manager

Innovative, creative and strategic, Rob has 16 years’ experience managing large-scale customer IT projects and IT teams.

Rob’s most memorable personal achievement - coming first in a noodle eating competition. Not bad for a Scottish gent, eh?



Sanjay Regmi

Global Support and Implementation Manager

Dedicated, systematic and detailed orientated, Sanjay brings seven years of experience in ECM and DAM support and customer relationship management.

Sanjay doesn’t like to brag, but he has three degrees in engineering, management and technology under his belt, speaks three languages fluently and drinks three cups of tea a day…that’s a lot of three’s.



Philippe de Alberti

Senior Product Manager

With a certifiably genius way of understanding software architecture, Philippe constructs brilliant product visions and drives the development of innovative and viable software products that lead to increases in ROI and genuine customer satisfaction.

When not in the office, he’s outdoors pursuing SUP, bike touring, skiing, and nature photography.



Max Harvey

Business Development Manager

An avid reader, Max credits his top achievement in global business development to his tendency to challenge the status quo. From building authentic relationships with customers to recruiting top talent, he’s constantly seeking a competitive edge.

In his free time, Max’s curious nature has him whipping up new recipes in the kitchen with family and taking to BC’s stunning waterways to chase the ever-elusive Coho salmon.



Jason Marshall

QA And Release Manager

Jason’s expert knowledge of the software engineering and development lifecycle drives him to endlessly improve MediaValet’s product quality with clarity, attention to detail, and such timeliness that he makes our heads spin.

When he isn’t planning the next Nerf gun face-off for the office, he is snowboarding, mountain biking, or racing in the Tough Mudder, half-marathons & dragon boats.


With offices and third party agencies on three continents and over a terabyte of digital assets, the Almond Board’s aging on-premise digital asset management system was taxing their IT department’s resources and routinely frustrating both internal and external users.

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What our clients say about us

  • cascade designs testimonial logo

    We have over 900 users from retailers around the world, on every continent and in every time zone, using MediaValet 24 hours a day. With that many users, organizations and locations involved, we have a complex permission matrix in place to ensure the integrity of our system, our processes, and our digital assets is maintained at all times. Although complex and broad reaching, the MediaValet team has met our needs head-on.

    - Kaitlin Bailey, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Cascade Designs

  • Placer County logo

    A couple of years ago, we stopped relying on stock photography and started taking our own photos in an effort to capture the diverse and iconic imagery specific to Placer County. This has increased the utility of the images we have access to and within a very short time we’ve amassed a large database of over 10,000 high quality photos and videos. Prior to MediaValet, these photos were only available on a local computer. Today, our primary library of media assets are directly accessible by all of our employees – no matter where they are. We chose MediaValet because its simple, intuitive, user-interface helps general users easily browse, search, and filter our large library of media assets in various ways until they find what they’re looking for.

    - Erik Bergen, Visual Communications Specialist, Placer County Communications and Public Affairs

  • Monteplier Logo

    The access and control we have with MediaValet is ideal. We can organize our assets in the various ways that best serve the unique needs of each of our departments. We needed a way to quickly filter our assets and make specific sets available to select stakeholder groups. We’re pleased to say, MediaValet has allowed us to do everything we wished a digital asset management system would do.

    - Jen Howell, Director of Digital Publishing for the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at Montpelier

  • DaySpring logo

    With 250GB of assets, we were spending too much time trying to locate images in our rapidly expanding digital library. It was time to find a better way. We needed a digital asset management system that would allow our growing team quick access to images for design projects, social media and various other marketing initiatives. In addition, we desired a Cloud-based system that would support sharing assets with external agencies and partners.

    After researching several cloud-based DAMS, we chose MediaValet for its strong user interface, brand personalization options and robust customer service that included onboarding, training and support.

    - Brandon Wimberly, Web Design Manager, DaySpring Cards Inc.

  • port of portland logo

    Sometimes it isn't just about the software, although MediaValet is unbelievably well thought out, more importantly, it’s about the people who work there. The MediaValet team are true professionals, excellent communicators and they meet their commitments every time. Their support model, training and implementation practice is thorough, deliberate and it works!

    - Teri Loporchio, Senior Manager Digital Communications, Port of Portland

  • Brand USA logo

    Managing digital assets seems like a simple process, but it’s really more complex than just ‘parking’ your videos and photos in folders. With 50 TBs and thousands of users worldwide, we knew this would further complicate the process. To succeed, it would take a DAMS partner with the infrastructure and experience to support not only our massive library and worldwide access and security needs, but also provide a simple and intuitive user experience with the training and customer support needed to ensure all our users are happy. MediaValet met all these needs and is well positioned to meet our future requirements.

    - Mark Lapidus, Director, Digital and Social Media at Brand USA

  • DMB logo

    It is a pleasure to work with MediaValet – as one of the early customers I have seen dramatic improvements in the application and as they have grown as a company they have included many of the foundational infrastructure components that an organization supporting software needs. This has led to more consistent support and improved service. As well, MediaValet has always made us feel like a valued customer by directly addressing any issues that we may have encountered – and have given us a hand with some of the more difficult things that we have needed to do, such as bulk uploading and classification.

    Our team is very impressed with the new version of MediaValet, 3.0, based on the significant leaps that they have made regarding usability. We consider ourselves fortunate to be one of the first to experience the new product. We continue to look forward to partnering with MediaValet to manage our ongoing digital asset needs and look forward to additional services that they may provide in the future.

    - Mike Davis, Sr. Project Manager, IS at DMB

  • grouse mountain testimonial logo

    With the help of MediaValet’s implementation and support teams, we’re well on our way to moving a century of assets to the cloud and making them accessible to all necessary parties. Knowing our assets are secure and easily accessible at all times allows us to focus on promoting Vancouver’s number one natural attraction.

    - Jodi Westbury, Senior Marketing Manager, Grouse Mountain

  • almond board testimonial logo

    "MediaValet is used heavily by our global staff and agency partners; digital assets are downloaded and shared every day and we upload hundreds of MBs of assets every month - yet, our IT staff hardly hears about any of this. MediaValet quietly handles this in the background allowing our IT team to focus on supporting other areas of the business. MediaValet has become an invaluable tool for our organization."

    - John Joyner, A.D. Corporate Technology, the Almond Board of California.

  • STEMbrite

    We knew from past business experience that it’s mission critical we make digital asset management part of our DNA. We hired a DAMS consultant we had worked with in the past and who has a lot of DAMS experience in the learning market. We asked her to select the company she would partner with if she were to choose a DAMS for her own educational start-up. From the shortlist of three DAMS providers who met our criteria, she recommended MediaValet.

    We have only been using MediaValet for a short while. However, it has radically improved all aspects of our business. We are more creative and collaborative. Our product cycle and time to market have dramatically improved. I could go on and on.

    - Chris Carson, COO of STEMbrite

  • Landline Magazine logo

    We'd been frustrated with the process of finding assets for years. The final straw came mid-2014 when we actually played "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who would search for a photo that had been taken 10 to 12 years ago of a man with a beard, standing next to a white truck. After hours of searching, the photo was finally found, but when we did find it, we realized that it was taken five years ago and the truck was yellow.

    We sleep easier now knowing that our assets are securely stored in a single library that's easy to access and search from any computer, and that MediaValet can effortlessly scale to meet all of our digital asset management needs in the future.

    - Nikohle Ellis, photographer and designer at Land Line Magazine

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