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U.S. Naval Institute Selects MediaValet to Move American Naval History to the Cloud

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Vancouver, BC – September 22, 2016 – MediaValet Inc. (TSX-V:MVP), a leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management software (DAMS) is honored to announce that the United States Naval Institute has selected MediaValet to help preserve America’s cherished Naval history. The Naval Institute will soon begin a systematic digitization of its entire archival photographic asset collection and has selected MediaValet to store, protect and manage their immense library of historic assets.

Founded in 1873, the Naval Institute is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit professional military association that encourages the development and dissemination of ideas pertaining to national defence through journals, conferences, books, and an extensive collection of online content. The Naval Institute’s organizational mission is to, “Provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak and write to advance the professional, literary and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security.” The Naval Institute maintains a rich archive that dates back more than 150 years and is comprised of more 500,000 photos, hundreds of primary source materials in the form of oral histories, personal scrapbooks, and many thousands of documents that serve as a valuable resource for their many authors, researchers and students.

The Naval Institute’s digital assets were previously stored on locally hosted servers, desktops, local hosting companies, consumer photo sites, and shared in an imperfect and sometimes unsecure fashion. Without a central repository, searching for assets was a difficult, taxing and time consuming process. Through the generosity of donors and members, the Naval Institute team sought a DAMS that would help them consolidate the original versions of their historical assets along with all their educational material and marketing collateral into a central and secure online library that was easy to access and manage.

“As we embarked on our digitization project, we quickly realized that we needed a highly secure and robust system that could easily handle our massive collection of historical images as well as the many new images, audio, video, and documents we are adding every day,” commented Mary Ripley, Chief Digital Officer at the Naval Institute. “Implementing an enterprise-grade digital asset management system like MediaValet has been a long time coming. We are excited to be able to quickly locate and share any one of our hundreds of thousands of historical assets. This is a sea change for us.”

Today, the Naval Institute publishes 80 books a year on a wide range of history, foreign affairs, biography, national security, leadership and fiction titles. In addition to being popular with general audiences, the books are used as course texts in universities across the United States.

“We were amazed with the vast archival collection held by the US Naval Institute,” commented David MacLaren, founder and CEO at MediaValet. “We had no idea such a large and comprehensive private archive of naval history existed. We’re truly honored to help the Naval Institute manage, protect and share such a priceless archive of historical information.”

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