Oracle Eloqua for Digital Asset Management

Drive media-rich campaigns

Increase ROI
Increase ROI
on campaign visual assets eliminating asset duplication and repurposing media across teams
Speed Up Time-to-Market
Speed Up Time-to-Market
Improve team efficiency and collaboration with a centralized library of approved assets and seamless sharing
Drive Leads
Drive Leads
with media-rich campaigns and impactful visual stories

Central Library Of Campaign Media

Easily search entire corporate media library for campaign visuals

  • Enable multiple teams to centralize media and brand assets in a single location
  • Easily find approved visuals and access them from within the Oracle Eloqua Platform
  • Ensure that campaigns, emails and landing pages are built with the latest assets

Efficient Team Collaboration

easily share and update campaign assets

  • Quickly share and approve required campaign assets
  • Share and collaborate with agencies, partners and creative teams from within MediaValet
  • Track campaign asset versions, history of changes and updates


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