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Accelerate project completion, streamline asset management and eliminate the need for manual downloads and reuploads by seamlessly pushing assets from Jira to MediaValet.

Jira logo with a white background on a blue card integration

Deliver projects faster 

Consistent Communication 

Empower different departments to work in their preferred platforms. Leverage Jira for seamless commenting and issue tracking and MediaValet for the single source of truth for assets.

One Centralized Location 

Avoid scattered files and confusion. Consolidate assets waiting for approval, making it easier for your team to review and provide feedback.

Up-to-Date Assets

Ensure teams are working with the latest approved assets. Sending assets directly to MediaValet from within Jira lessens the chance of using outdated or incorrect files.

Jira task for creating new assets for upcoming campaigns and labels MediaValet in the popups to add images

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