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Distributing Assets with Web Galleries & Branded Portals

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For marketing teams today, there’s the expectation to provide visual content to customers – whether it’s an infographic, imagery, or 4K video. Teams have reported spending significant time and resources creating customized content for their audiences. But, despite content creation being a priority, organizations still struggle to find and share their assets among their departments and teams. In fact, in a survey by Nintex, 49% of professionals reported they have trouble locating documents, while others have reported issues sharing high-resolution assets due to size restrictions.

Instead of spending too much time searching for an asset or re-sending through various communication platforms, here are two ways that MediaValet enables teams to distribute their assets.

1. Web Galleries

A web gallery is an online gallery, which can be used to share and access a set of curated assets. Users have the ability to manage access to these galleries, using passwords and expiry dates. These galleries can be shared via email or an automatically generated URL, making them easily accessible to fellow team members.

Web galleries are a preferred sharing method for one-off projects or short-term campaigns, as they’re not dynamic with the DAM, meaning any asset that’s updated within the DAM will not be updated in the web gallery.

Example Use Case

A global software organization is hosting its annual sales event, in which all of its global employees travel to attend. As a follow up to the event, the office manager will share event photos with all attendees. Once the event is complete, the office manager compiles all photos into a web gallery.

To ensure that only attendees can access these files, a password and an expiry date has been set. This web gallery is then shared with all attendees using a URL link, providing them access to the collection of assets.

2. Branded Portals

Branded Portals are a great way to share collections of assets while staying on brand. Users have the ability to fully customize their portal with their preferred highlight color, header photo and logo. In addition, these portals can be shared via a customizable URL, providing another way for users to maintain their brand identity. Users can also easily organize their portal by sections with an easy-to-use page builder, giving the freedom to section content by asset type, campaign, event and more.

Similar to Web Galleries, users can determine who can access a portal by setting up an access key, ensuring their assets are always protected.

Branded Portals provide a dynamic way to share assets. With two-way synchronization between your portal and the DAM, there's no need to manually upload or swap-out assets. This ensures that only your most-up-to-date and approved content is displayed in the portal, making it ideal for work-in-progress projects, media kits and other longer-term initiatives.

Example Use-Case

Hill University has a centralized marketing department on campus, which supports the marketing initiatives of various faculties and student committees. In order to support these groups, each year the university shares a media kit that includes their current logos, event photos, faculty headshots and purchased stock images for digital campaigns.

Using a Branded Portal, Hill University’s Head of Marketing can curate and share the collection of assets in a customized portal that maintains the school’s brand identity. The portal is organized into specific sections for logos, event photos and stock images, making it easy for other users to find and access the content they need. By adding an expiry date and access key, the portal holding the media kit is protected from public view and will automatically expire in time for a new media kit to be released.

Web galleries and Branded Portals are both helpful tools for working with your internal teams, as well as remote teams, like agencies and other offices. For 4 more examples of how Branded Portals address business cases, check out our post: How to Use Brand Portals: 4 Example Business Cases. Ready to get going with Branded Portals immediately? Start the conversation here.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI.

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