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Top Five Moments from the Art of Marketing

  • 3 min read

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of being showcased by Microsoft at the Art of Marketing in Vancouver Canada. Throughout the day we rubbed shoulders with 1,100 other marketing die hards and enjoyed hearing success stories and best practices from the likes of Dr. Robert Cialdini and Martin Lindstrom. Our very own David MacLaren, spoke at a VIP luncheon hosted by Microsoft. During the lunch David discussed our own cloud DAMS success stories with Grouse Mountain, The Almond Board of California, and Brand USA.

It was fun hanging out with 1,100 other marketers – seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and generally just enjoying the aura of all great things that are marketing.

Having the support of Microsoft and speaking to their VIP guests at the luncheon entitled “Re-imagine Marketing in a Digital World” was a real honour. We met a lot of great new people and we really enjoyed the chocolate desert. Thank you Microsoft Canada for all your hard work and support in making this event such a success.

Our brains are full to the brim with insight and lessons from a great line-up of speakers. Although it will take us a few days to digest all the content, here are our top five moments from the conference:


1. Hook, line and sinker - Nir Eyal’s the Hook Canvas=

The five fundamental questions you need to answer if you’re building a habit-forming product. 

2. The 6 universal principles of social influence

Reciprocation, liking, consistency, scarcity, authority and consensus. In this video Dr. Robert Cialdini explains the principles:

As a sub-note to that, Cialdini advises: “It’s customer testimonials that drive people and reduces their uncertainties. Testimonials drive sales."


3. CLUE: Culture, Local, Understand, Engage

One of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people, Martin Lindstrom, entertained and educated with comments like:

"Loyalty is created by goosebumps and lasts longer than Facebook likes."

“We have two ages - our inner age and our real age. Market to people at their inner age."

“Tell Stories. Create nostalgia. Story-telling matters.”

"The fewer transformations we have in our lives, the less happy we are."


4. Focus on your one-percenters

Jackie Huba, author of Monster Loyalty: how Lady Gaga turns followers into fanatics, told us it’s our one-percenters – our brand’s biggest fans and advocates – that should be our focus.


5. Biggest laugh of the day:

companies that lead with values outperform their competitors

And Alamo Drafthouse did just that: