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Top 5 Questions About DAM and Slack

Top 5 Questions About DAM and Slack

Now more than ever before, marketing teams need the ability to collaborate on content without the fear of losing track of thoughts, opinions, conversations and approvals. More often than not, these conversations are happening within Slack, which is why we decided to build a connector with MediaValet. When DAM and Slack work together, organizations can more easily and instantly communicate and collaborate around their digital assets, while everything is tracked within their library.

In this post, we wanted to highlight and answer common questions we get asked about Slack and MediaValet, to prepare you for your own Slack integration.

1. Do you need a paid Slack account?

No, whether you’re on Slack’s Free, Standard or Plus subscription, you can now link your MediaValet library with your company’s Slack conversations and collaborations!

2. Is there a delay when assets are sent to Slack?

No, when you send an asset to Slack, it instantly shows up there ready for comments and collaboration.

On a recent demo of our Slack integration, a company even mentioned how impressed they were with how quickly their asset showed up in Slack. Even better - once it was there, our team members started commenting in real time – right in the middle of the demo!

3. Will comments be seen by everyone?

Not always! When collaborating in a direct message or a private group within Slack, only participants of that group will be able to view comments.

However, when the conversation is sent to MediaValet, it will be recorded within the comment section and be visible for users with approved access to the asset.

4. Does approving assets in Slack automatically approve them in the DAM.

No, the approval function within Slack serves a different purpose than the approval function within the DAM itself. Approvals in Slack basically act as trackable “verbal” authorizations to use a specific asset.

For example, a digital marketing coordinator may be hoping to re-use an asset from a print campaign for their Facebook ad, but they want to get approval from their manager. They could send the asset in a direct message to their manager requesting them to approve or reject the asset for use in the Facebook ad.

5. Is there a size limit to the files I can send to Slack?

While Slack itself has a 1 GB size limitation for images, videos and other digital assets, when you send a file from MediaValet to Slack, what your team actually sees in Slack is a rendition of the original file linked back to the DAM. This means that larger files can be viewed in Slack, without limitations.

Slack is just one of the integrations we've built to improve our customers' workflows and creative processes. Learn about the other technologies we connect with on our integrations page.

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