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Organic potatoes in the burlap sack - US potato board
DAM Use Cases

The US Potato Board Selects MediaValet to Share Marketing Assets with 2,500 Farmers

  • 2 min read

When you’re the largest vegetable commodity board in the US and you have 2,500 farmers asking for up to date videos, photos, logos and other related marketing materials – on a daily basis - to use in their own marketing efforts, you NEED a centralized asset library that’s quick and easy to access to share those files. That’s the conclusion the US Potato Board came to.

As a marketing organization, the USPB constantly aggregates large volumes of raw video footage and photos, and continually creates fresh marketing material for use by the Board and its members. In the past, its marketing department stored all their digital assets on hard drives where 10 people internally had network access to those files. The process for sharing those assets externally was cumbersome and time consuming – to say the least.

After a long search – and an extensive RFP process – the Potato Board chose MediaValet. Now, all 2,500 potato growers and handlers have easy and immediate access to the marketing collateral they need.

Not long into the process of working with USPB, we began to realize how critical securing their digital assets was to them. James Ruden, USPB’s Marketing Administrative Assistant, explains it the best:

“As a Federal entity, we’re bound by strict copyright regulations around the use of our logo and how we can market ourselves. So, on the one hand, we had many materials we wanted to share with our members; and on the other hand, we needed to ensure they only used permitted pieces.”

This process is now well in hand with MediaValet.

The USPB found an added benefit in deploying MediaValet with its group of agencies. The organization works with a number of advertising, marketing, PR and web design agencies to create up-to-date marketing materials. One marketing piece can involve up to four agencies, and they all need access to the latest version.

Sharing each version across internal and external team members using email – and for larger files via cloud storage solutions – was time-consuming. Now, they collaborate on the latest versions directly through MediaValet – avoiding confusions over versions and having to wait on team members to send the appropriate files.

We’re excited to be working with the USPB and their entire farming community!

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MediaValet Team