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The New Digital Normal – Supporting VPN Access

The New Digital Normal – Supporting VPN Access

With droves of employees starting to work remotely in response to shelter-in-place regulations, it became a mad dash for companies to get the infrastructure in place to support a 100% remote work environment. The truth is, no one really knew how this was going to all work out, but priority number one was getting people access to remain productive. With the initial mad scramble behind us, organizations’ new mandate is one of optimization and greater accessibility.

What are they looking at first? Their VPN.

Originally introduced in 1996, this staple solution was designed to allow employees to access applications that reside on the corporate network. The fact is, before March 2020, it did a pretty good job of it. Problem now being, VPN technology was never intended to endure the strain being placed on it.

The connectivity challenges many VPN end-users are facing are simply because it was never intended to be scaled as much as it has needed to. And while VPN is definitely helping users gain access, most feel frustrated because bandwidth constraints are consistently causing them to lose access. Thus, creating massive productivity, collaboration, and potentially intellectual property and version control issues (if employees start saving items to their local drives).

The solution many organizations are now taking is a hybrid approach and moving the items they can to the cloud. Two of the many departments CTOs and IT directors are looking at are the marketing and creative teams.

Both teams live and breathe the creation and dissemination of assets which inherently consume heavy bandwidth and storage space. By moving media assets off the corporate drive and onto the cloud, CTOs and IT directors can provide marketing and creative teams with faster access to their assets, and free up VPN bandwidth for other departments. A win, win.

A digital asset management solution (DAM) is built specifically with asset management in mind. The beauty of a cloud DAM is that it goes one step further by helping maximize productivity and reducing costs through:

  • ensuring all departments, no matter where they’re located (a big one in today’s environment), have access to on-brand, approved and current marketing, sales, training and other such assets at all times;
  • enabling easy access to, and collaboration with, corporate assets of all media types in the formats and sizes required by each team and system, both internal and external, and third party; and
  • providing streamlined workflow of WIP assets and distribution of final campaign material to various stakeholders, teams, affiliates, vendors, partners, etc.

Cloud DAM solutions can also take on the security burdens. Enterprise solutions, like MediaValet, are committed to compliance, advanced security measures, and permission-based access. Two of the major compliance boxes that MediaValet, in particular, checks are SOC 2 and HIPAA. The entire platform is also built on Microsoft Azure, which offers 90 other compliance certifications. Another benefit of the Azure foundation is the 50+ data center regions it offers, allowing you to pick the geographic region where your digital assets will be stored. It's always encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2) and at rest (AES 256). Plus, MediaValet ensures secure access with SSO via integrations with Azure Active Directory, Okta and SAML 2.0, and an internal user role-based access control system (RBAC). Rest assured, if you need it from a security and compliance standpoint, you’ll know it’s there.

As organizations explore the new digital normal to alleviate the pain associated with using technologies that put a strain on their systems and cause productivity collateral damage, they need to remember to identify the departments, like marketing, that can easily move their resources to the cloud. There’s no going back, only forward.

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI. See MediaValet in action today.

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