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Sales & Marketing Lessons From MediaValet’s Interns

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For the last few months we have been happy to host 3 Sales & Marketing interns at MediaValet from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. These rising stars came to us after being inspired by talks that David MacLaren, our founder & CEO, and Raja Nucho, our VP of Global Sales, gave at their school.

We were impressed with the levels of competency and experience the students had developed, and they were given a lot of freedom to explore and experience the different aspects of our Sales and Marketing programs. They divided their time between the Outbound Business Development team, the Marketing team and the Territory Managers team, and truly excelled in activities like account research, prospects outreach & campaign creation, and shared their ideas and findings in many sales and marketing meetings. From onboarding to daily dedication and working closely with teams, we can truly say they carried full weight and contributed to many successes.

Taylor joked: “I was given the opportunity to do so many different things across the entire business – I was surprised I didn’t end up coding with the Dev team!”

There’s no doubt, Danielle, Robby and Taylor are incredibly driven people:


Danielle used to be a professional ballet dancer and yoga teacher before returning to school. She lives a life inspired by change and pushing the boundaries. During her internship, she was consistently successful at discovering new potential opportunities and arranging introductory calls with potential customers. She focused on learning and understanding our DAMS platform and crafted her own demo that she presented to our entire team on her last day.

Here’s what she had to say about her time at MediaValet:

At MediaValet, I learned that you definitely need to know your product inside and out to be confident in selling it. I also learned that different words need to be used with different target markets. For example, in the tourism industry, I found that most marketers avoid technical jargon so using words like “digital asset management” and “triple redundancy” were not effective. However, I found using words like “online media library in the cloud” and “store, share, and organize rich media” were much more effective and allowed the target market to understand what MediaValet does.


Robby wants to pursue a career in sales because for him it is not just a job: sales is a lifestyle focused on constantly looking to the future and finding creative ways to overcome adversity. He uncovered multiple potential opportunities and arranged three demos during his internship, which he feels were hands down his biggest successes.

Here’s Robby’s thoughts on his internship:

I enjoyed being able to take risks and get real world experience in B2B industries. I learned a tremendous amount and wouldn’t change the experience for anything. I learned how to properly qualify a potential opportunity and move them through the customer journey. Due to past experience, the MediaValet support, and all the tools I was provided, I was able to book three demos, and those are hands down my biggest success’ while being a part of the MediaValet team. To be expected with any learning experience, there were growing pains. But with the support of the MediaValet team, there was never a challenge I couldn’t overcome.


Taylor told us that he is the kind of person whose friends claim has “zero chill.” He is always interested in doing the best he can be it at work or exploring the outdoor life of British Columbia or world travel. His personality rang true here at MediaValet where he was able to brilliantly apply his prior knowledge to an entirely new environment and quickly become a valued team member.

Here’s how Taylor took his previous experience and learned something new at MediaValet:

Coming from a background of taking tourists to see waterfalls, glaciers and bears, it was pretty tough for me to get people stoked on DAM over the telephone. I’ve always been used to waving my arms around and smiling when I’m talking to people so it was hard to show the same enthusiasm when people couldn’t see me. I learned that the only way to get over a rough call is by picking up the phone and calling the next person. I learned so much from both the Sales and Business Development teams. I sincerely enjoyed the ENTIRE team at MediaValet.

Danielle, Robby & Taylor, we thank you so much for all of your hard work here at MediaValet!

MediaValet Team