MediaValet Journey to a Customer Experience Award

Journey to a Customer Experience Award

According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 40% of all analytics processes that generate data will relate to some aspect of customer experience. That’s because, as Nicolas Maechler, Customer Experience Partner at McKinsey, says:

Customer experience has transformed from a nice to have to a performance angle on par with financial, commercial, environmental and social business performance.

At MediaValet, we take customer experience seriously – so much so that we were recently chosen by Microsoft as the Finalist for Global Partner of the Year Award for Customer Experience. This award recognizes a partner who demonstrates an exceptional ability to manage customer demand and exceed expectations. For us, this comes down to three elements:

  1. Design with Customer in Mind
  2. Obsessing over customer satisfaction, and
  3. Offering unique benefits that truly delight our customers.

Our journey to Global Partner of the Year for Customer Experience included hitting some critical milestones, and in this post, we share with you the actions that really moved the needle for our business’s ability to build a customer experience that actually resonates with….you guessed it – CUSTOMERS!

Design with Customer in Mind

In early 2009, with 40 terabytes of digital assets under management and over 15,000 hotel customers, VRX Studios Inc., the world’s leading provider of photography and content services to the global hospitality and travel industries, desperately needed a digital asset management solution. After a frustrating and unsuccessful search for a product over an entire year, the VRX team threw in the towel. There were simply no affordable digital asset management solutions that could meet VRX Studios’ needs.

Founder and CEO, David MacLaren, decided to tackle the challenge head-on by building his own digital asset management solution. This common story of the birth of a startup has one caveat – from the very beginning, the goal was to create a customer-obsessed product that could be both affordable and effective at helping organizations manage growing collections of rich media files. David and VRX Studios CTO, Jean Lozano, put together a team and built the first 100% cloud-based, enterprise-grade digital asset management system on Microsoft’s innovative platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Azure.

mediavalet 4 screen displays

The result is MediaValet, an award-winning digital asset management solution that has customer experience at the core of MediaValet’s DNA. From the beginning, our customers needed the highest level of security paired with an incredibly friendly user interface. They required a solution that would allow them to empower employees with instant access to digital assets and also come with a vendor who is available for help when needed. Our customers also began asking immediately for integrations with other business tools as well as pushing the limits of what a DAM can do by requesting an edit function right inside MediaValet.

In this video, our CEO, David MacLaren, shares his insights on creating a product with Customer Experience in mind: 

Being Customer-Obsessed

When you’re a company in the midst of hyper-growth, you always have your eye on the numbers. One number that everyone at our company pays attention to is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In a SaaS Industry, having incredibly happy customers is one of the key growth indicators, and we always strive to exceed the “Service” component in a Software-as-a-Service.

Some of the biggest highlights for our entire team is when our customer success team shares great customer feedback. We are also incredibly lucky to have a few customers that don’t stop at just sending an email – they inspire a celebration. Margaritaville is a brand that exemplifies party spirit in everything they do and they wanted to extend that celebration to us.

We were huge fans of the brand before we started working with the Margaritaville team. So much so that our account manager wanted to get a Margaritaville blender for years after seeing one referenced on a South Park episode. In addition to being a loyal fan of the brand, he took time to develop deep understanding of the marketing team’s needs, build a genuine relationship, and cater the entire sales process to their unique needs.

Margaritaville’s team was such a delight to work with. They live and breathe their values of celebrating every day and hit it off amazingly with their account manager. In fact, the entire demonstration was full of humour and fun.  Once everyone was laughing, we had a super-productive conversation around solving their challenges and addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders in the project. Margaritaville was looking for a long-term solution and partner that would help them make it a success. Our unlimited service and promise was something that resonated. We had weekly meetings and when it came to negotiations, the joke of our sales rep wanting a blender came up several times in good fun.

The result: the Margaritaville team gained a DAM partner down the hall, fully committed to their success. We’ve got a new member of our customer family – one of the most fun-loving, creative and exciting brands in the world. The icing on the cake came after a successful implementation and onboarding. The awesome people of  the Margaritaville team sent us a party-in-a-box. Well actually it was more than a dozen boxes filled with all the fixings to make an awesome party right here in our office.

Steve with Margaritaville machine

Have a look at our post, MediaValet & Margaritaville Celebrate Customer Success to get the full experience.

We focus on building strong relationships right from the first interaction with the customer and creating a dedicated team as early as the first product demonstration or a sandbox trial. Whether it’s onboarding, unlimited customer service or finding opportunities to expand benefits of Digital Asset Management throughout the company, we go the extra mile to keep customers happy.

That’s why we pay such close attention to our Net Promoter Score (NPS). We use this metric to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of how customers experience with our product and company. We look at the score, but even more importantly we act on the comments that come with the ratings. As Bill Gates said:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

We mine these comments to gain a deeper understanding of all of the factors that influence people to choose lower ratings. 

MediaValet Customer Family

Working in the digital asset management industry, we get to work with some of the most prolific content creators and innovators in the media and marketing field. There is nothing we love more than seeing our customers succeed, and if we can help that in any way, we try to make the most of those opportunities. Last year, we applied for joint awards with our customers in Customer Innovation and Product Adoption, and won co-finalist for the BC Tech Associations’s Product Adoption TIA Award alongside Canadian Blood Services. Another example is our promotion of the Almond Board at the Content Marketing World with almond package giveaways that were a huge hit. Essentially, what our efforts boil down to is this: if it makes our customers look like super stars or even brings a smile to their face, we try to do it.

What we are trying to do is be our customers DAM department down the hall, which basically translates to striving to behave like a true partner, not a vendor.