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The Ins and Outs of MediaValet’s Microsoft Office Feature

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Since the day we built the industry’s first Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet has been tightly aligned with Microsoft’s ecosystem and vision. Our first customers instantly loved the security and scale that came with the Azure Cloud and came to rely on Microsoft Office to fuel their organization’s productivity. It was only natural that our users across multiple industries very quickly started looking to leverage the benefits of both solutions within the MediaValet environment.

“The ability to view and edit documents within MediaValet has been at the top of our customers’ wish lists since the day we took our first customer call,” commented David MacLaren, founder and CEO of MediaValet.

To meet our customer’s needs, MediaValet had to integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite as well as bring Office Documents right inside the MediaValet DAM. In April, we announced our full integration with Microsoft Office 365, and in this post, we describe exactly how end-users can use it to manage their digital assets that are Microsoft Office files both inside and outside MediaValet.

Work with Microsoft Office Documents Inside MediaValet

At the most basic level, a DAM should be able to upload and manage any file type, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. But DAM isn’t just about photos, videos and other types of rich media anymore. DAM has entered the mainstream MarTech world, and by definition, the technology enables revenue generating activities while providing storage and search.

Inside MediaValet, you can do the following with your Microsoft Office files:

1. Upload, organize and store

You can create a media hub that serves local enterprise organizations as well as global teams.

This central collection will allow you to upload, organize and store your entire collection of digital assets alongside one another. Photos and videos will exist in the same location as your PowerPoint, Word and Excel files in one central digital asset library.

2. Search and find

Once your digital assets are stored in one place, MediaValet’s advanced search function will allow your team to use keywords to search for any asset you need – no matter the file type.

3. Preview, review and compare

When you’re talking about managing files that contain significant amounts of text, such as Microsoft Office files, being able to preview them quickly in the DAM means that you don’t have to download files just to see if they are even the assets you want.

With preview, you can review and compare documents quickly right inside the DAM interface.

4. Browse files

Sometimes you don’t need to actually open the file, but you want to quickly flip through a list of files to see what’s in a folder or category.

Scrolling gives enterprise teams the ability to take stock of what they have when making decisions about creating future content.

Leverage MediaValet benefits right inside Microsoft Office

With MediaValet’s new in-app editing function, users can exit the DAM user interface and work in Office Online. What our customers say they love is that when they access Office Online through MediaValet, all of their changes to Word, PowerPoint and Excel files are tracked back in the DAM.

Here’s how you can manage your digital assets outside of MediaValet but inside Office Online:

1. Launch full PowerPoint presentations, Word docs and Excel files

Whether your executives are on the go or collaborating with team members to produce PowerPoint presentations, the editing process commonly involves frustrations for everyone involved. With in-app editing of PowerPoint documents, MediaValet solves many of those frustrations.

2. Edit files right inside your browser using the Microsoft Office editor

One presentation document can be created and then stored in MediaValet.

When it needs to be edited, executives and other team members can open the document in MediaValet, click the edit function, log in to Office 365, and enjoy all of the editing features provided by Microsoft.

3. Track versions and changes back in MediaValet

The benefit here is that the presentation is stored securely in the cloud. No need to copy it to various portable drives, send it to an email account, and triple-check to make sure the latest edits got made to the final copy.

MediaValet ensures that one presentation exists in the cloud with tracking on all versions and guarantees it’s available for previewing, editing and running the full slide show to an audience whenever your team needs it.

Flexible Work and Collaboration with Your DAM

In-app editing was built to assist teams in the collaboration process. The tool allows for documents to exist in one place, provides the means to edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files in a seamless connection to Office Online, and ensures that all changes are tracked back in the DAM.

In-app editing is a tool that will help your team manage digital assets while keeping enterprise marketing, advertising, sales and executive collateral and materials up-to-date and current. Say goodbye to outdated documents. Ready to get started? Learn more about our in-app editing here.

MediaValet Team