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The Basics of MediaValet’s Hootsuite Integration

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You already have a documented social media strategy, a social team dedicated to growing an online community around your business, and an account on the world’s most trusted social media management tool, Hootsuite. You also know the importance of having a consistent visual brand story and that using visuals in your social campaigns leads to higher engagement and better overall results. You have the basics down, but how do you ensure that your amazing content is matched with even better visuals? Leaving this to someone else can lead to outdated photos being falsely posted, newly licensed images being wasted on someone’s desktop, and poor-quality graphics making their way to your feed. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

Now imagine having access to a central media library or “Content Repository” right inside Hootsuite. This repository would allow marketing to provide access to pre-approved visuals, highlight their latest campaigns, and provide anyone on the team or company with instant access to rich media, making it easy for them to share and post. Your team would select their visuals, and you would control and review them just like you already do with Hootsuite. Yes, we agree! That would make every social media manager’s life easier. This is why we’re thrilled to announce MediaValet’s integration with Hootsuite that brings this idea to life.

Why Hootsuite?

Thousands of organizations worldwide manage their business’s social media output and analytics with Hootsuite. As a tool, Hootsuite allows companies to capture business-related analytics, prove ROI for social investments, and identify future opportunities that will reach the broadest audiences.

Hootsuite is the world’s most trusted social relationship platform, and like MediaValet, it is a leader in reliability and security. When it comes to protecting brands and their investment into digital assets, we don’t take any shortcuts, and it was important to us to integrate with a company that takes this duty just as seriously.

We believe in spreading the power of content and branding outside of the marketing department. Our CEO, David MacLaren, calls it the “democratization of content.” MediaValet enables everyone to access visuals that they can share, while giving the marketing team the power to control who can access what photos, videos and other media. We believe everyone at a company can be a brand ambassador and share the (approved) corporate content they enjoy. Hootsuite follows a similar mantra and enables organizations to use the power of company-wide social reach while removing the risks that come with freely posting social updates.

What does a MediaValet-integrated Hootsuite dashboard look like?

It’s now possible to access your company’s entire collection of photos, videos and other digital assets directly from within Hootsuite, ensuring that every user has access to the visuals intended for their use on social media. Basically, you can find and use the right image for your project without ever having to leave Hootsuite.

From within your Hootsuite dashboard, simply click the MediaValet icon, and an in-app panel will display a fully-functioning search box as well as a selection of your digital asset collection. Simply insert the image you wish to use and continue working from Hootsuite as you normally would.

MediaValet in Hootsuite dashboard


You can also “Pin” an asset category of your choice in the “Featured” section. Whether you want to highlight the resources for your latest campaigns, a selection of your top Customer Stories, a major product launch, or a charity event, you can choose which category will be featured at the top of everyone’s list.

MediaValet - digital asset management - and Hootsuite

Hootsuite + MediaValet = Visual brand power for the social enterprise

Quick access to digital assets from within Hootsuite sounds simple, but this integration is about so much more than access.

It’s about team empowerment: With the MediaValet icon located directly within Hootsuite platform, your social media team can leverage the on-brand social engagement of all employees, across all customer touchpoints.

It’s also about reducing risk: Marketing teams can establish image & video rights and user management policies inside MediaValet, making sure only approved assets are shared through Hootsuite. Employees can easily post any visuals found inside their Content Repository without worry, while your brand gains more and more traction.

Let us show you how your business can leverage the power of Hootsuite when integrated with MediaValet’s DAM, set up your demo today!

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI. See MediaValet in action today.

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