The Future of Digital Asset Management </br >(Feature in MarTechExec)

The Future of Digital Asset Management
(Feature in MarTechExec)

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As we are nearing the end of the year, it’s a perfect time to look back at developments in the digital asset management industry over the last 12 months and understand what we have to pay attention to in the coming months and years.  MarTechExec, a web publication where marketing professionals learn, share and discuss marketing technology, published a really comprehensive resource on Why Digital Asset Management has Become a Must-Have for Marketing teams.  Along with clear explanations and definitions of digital asset management, the article features future trends in DAM from a variety of DAM practitioners, vendors and thought leaders, including our VP of Marketing, Maria Osipova.

Here is a quick summary of the top three trends that will have a great impact on the future development of DAM as an industry:

1. Integrations with More Platforms

Contributors predict that the future of DAM doesn’t lie within the core functionality of the system, but with the various platforms that it integrates with. In order for digital asset management systems become true platforms to streamline marketing operations, it will be vital to integrate into key productivity tools, such as social media distribution, print-on-demand software and more.

“The rapid growth of content being created for social media will require DAM systems to evolve to be integrated with social media distribution.”
— Neil Bottrill, DMS

2. AI Learning Will Improve User Experience

With the growing importance of AI, contributors predict that artificial intelligence will simplify the user experience, by automating key parts of the DAM process. Uploading will be simplified using automatic metadata tagging and facial recognition, and predictive analytics and extracting important data will be able to deliver more custom customer experiences.

“Once DAM platforms start combining extensive asset metadata with machine learning and predictive analytics, they will enable content creators and content users to deliver smarter, personalized and more impactful customer experiences.”
— Maria Osipova, MediaValet

3. Blockchain Will Make an Appearance

As DAM use-cases expand, and more companies begin using it as a marketplace for images, contributors foresee block chain playing a key part in the exchange of assets between marketers, their clients and asset licensees. This addition would allow users to record and track asset usage, and properly manage digital asset rights.

“A distributed registry of “perceptual hashes” and entitlements will be implemented via blockchain technologies and can help ensure digital asset rights across platforms and distribution channels.”
— Maria Osipova, MediaValet

This is just a short look at what MarTechExec covers in their article. To get the full picture, be sure to read Why Digital Asset Management has Become a Must-Have for Marketing Teams.

If you’d like to read Maria’s full contribution, you can find it here.

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