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Forensic watermarking in action

Introducing Forensic Watermarking: Learn the True Value of Asset Protection 

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Forensic watermarking technology deters the improper or unauthorized use and distribution of digital assets like images or videos.  

At MediaValet, protecting our clients’ assets has always been a core component of our product. We’ve always prioritized security, but Forensic Watermarking can further secure and protect the digital assets that your organization creates. 

MediaValet's Forensic Watermarking is powered by Steg.AI. The technology will embed a unique, invisible, and unremovable identifier onto your image, GIF, PDF, or video. In fact, our watermarking technology has the ability to stamp every single frame of a video and even works on screenshots taken from the DAM. 

As one of the only DAM solutions with forensic watermarking capabilities, we’re truly excited to bring this new feature to market! But, why should you care? Let’s delve into how forensic watermarking can protect your assets, and your business.  

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The Key Benefits of Forensic Watermarking 

1. Intellectual Property Protection and Legal Support  

It’s in your best interest to protect your digital assets. In the instance of a breach of your assets, having watermarks embedded within digital files can assist in identifying the source of the leak or infringement.  

In the case that your assets are shared without consent, having watermarks embedded in your assets can provide valuable evidence in cases against copyright infringement. 

2. Ownership Verification

Watermarking provides a reliable method for establishing ownership of digital assets. It enables content creators or rights holders to assert their rights and establish legal proof of ownership in case of disputes or copyright infringement. 

Whether your assets are being created in-house or by a contractor or partner, you can implement forensic watermarking to protect the interests of your employees and your business.  

3. Deterrence and Detection  

Watermarking your assets is the easiest way to discourage unauthorized use or distribution or potential copyright infringers.  

Your copyrights are better protected, and theft or misuse is better deterred when those with access to your assets are aware that their actions can be traced.  

Forensic watermarking infographic

How will MediaValet Forensic Watermarking Enhance your DAM? 

Reduce Asset Leaks and Manipulations  

MediaValet's Forensic Watermarking integration enables users to securely distribute assets. Users can ensure that their assets are protected and limit unauthorized usage when sharing with external clients and vendors. 

Vendor Specific Identifiers 

The new integration enables users to create unique watermarks for every vendor or client. This will empower them to easily track any leaked asset back to the source and inevitably prevent future leaks.   

Ease-of-Use and Time Saving 

Our Forensic Watermarking is easy to use and only takes minutes to execute. The automated watermarking process will reduce user errors, allows users to safely distribute protected assets, and save your team valuable time. 

Forensic watermarking screenshot

MediaValet leads the charge when it comes to building a valuable product for our users. We take your security seriously, and the evolution of our product is always with users' front of mind.  

To find out more about Forensic Watermarking or to find out if a MediaValet DAM is the right choice for your digital asset management needs, reach out to a rep now! 

MediaValet is a leader in cloud-based digital asset management that helps organizations manage, organize and share their digital assets, improving productivity and increasing ROI. See MediaValet in action today.

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