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mediavalet ebook - 7 digital asset management for 2017
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eBook: Seven Digital Asset Management Predictions for 2017

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In the past few days, we all welcomed the start of a new journey. To kick the new year off, we are excited to share our 7 DAM Predictions for 2017.

2016 saw significant developments in the digital asset management (DAM) industry, from Gartner highlighting the DAM landscape in the first-ever Gartner DAM Market Guide to The Content Marketing Institute referring to DAM as one of the hottest subjects in content marketing today.

What we expect to see in 2017:

  1. DAM will move from an Asset Repository to an Asset Hub Including Consumption Analytics
  2. Content will be Democratized Across Entire Organizations
  3. DAM will Increase the ROI of Crowdsourced Content
  4. The Intelligence of Content will Accelerate
  5. Auto-tagging Will Become a Core Feature
  6. Leading DAM Solutions will Know What You Need Before You Do
  7. DAM will Enter the Virtual Reality Universe

What’s our reasoning here?

A prediction is generally defined as a statement about what MIGHT happen in the future. But what is the truth about predictions?

The truth is that predictions come with an assumption of a certain amount of impossibility.

This is because time and time again in experiment after experiment, researchers see that when we’re asked to make predictions about our future, we’re often wrong. We imagine the future is going to be better than it actually is.

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Then, why are they useful?

Predictions are useful NOT because they foretell the future exactly as it will be laid out, but because they open conversations about what might happen and where we might be going. This year, we hope to open conversations about the real potential DAM technology has to provide definitive business results for teams across industries.

DAM is not just another tool to add to your marketing stack: it is quickly becoming the very foundation upon which marketers strategically build the visual dimensions of their organization’s sales, branding and ultimately every single customer encounter. Your assets might be in disarray and getting more out of hand every day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what lies ahead in DAM that is going to help you build the strategy that takes your Marketing efforts to the next level and beyond.

You’ll notice that our 7 DAM predictions for 2017 start on a practical note with DAM becoming an asset hub for enterprise and then move on to discuss some of the more provocative developments, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

You can download the new ebook here, enjoy the read:

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