Digital Assets in Slack: What You Need to Know

Digital Assets in Slack: What You Need to Know

In the last 3 years, with five million users worldwide, Slack has become a force to be reckoned with for enterprise communication and collaboration.

Always with our customer’s best interest in mind, we’ve noticed what a crucial role Slack has come to play across enterprise organizations and recently announced our full integration between MediaValet and SlackSlack has definitely been where a lot of work happens, but paired with MediaValet, it’s now where work with digital assets happens much more easily.


How does MediaValet’s Slack integration work?

With MediaValet integrated with Slack, your teams can collaborate on creative projects that require rich media. Now, all your communications about rich media can take place inside the Slack dashboard. Here’s how in 3 quick steps:

1. In MediaValet, choose which Slack Channel, Direct Message or Private Group you want to use.

2. Once the asset is received in Slack, easily start conversations about asset style, design, resolution approval, etc.

3. All of your full conversations about your digital assets done in Slack will be automatically sent back into MediaValet. These will be stored as comments and attached to the assets in the 'Comments' section of your asset.

Yes, it really is that simple. Integrated with Slack, MediaValet enables your teams to experience seamless creative collaboration, simplify their workflows, and reap the benefits of automatic tracking.

A Single Source of Truth for Digital Assets

Integrated with Slack, MediaValet becomes a single source of truth for media, brand and content assets. There are a handful of more features you get with a Slack integration:

  • Teams can request asset approval through Slack direct message.
  • Employees across your organization can record approval response and comments (that originally take place in Slack) in MediaValet.
  • You can track all asset versions, discussions, information and activities.
  • Conversations inside Slack about assets can even be done on your mobile device.

With our Slack integration, teams are going to be able to take their collaboration and workflow to a new level right inside the tool already being used by most businesses for internal communication. To learn more about our Slack integration, visit our integrations page.

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