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Women working at MediaValet
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Celebrate Women and #BeBoldForChange with MediaValet

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International Women’s Day is a day that brings together governments, NGOs, charities, corporations, academic institutions, women’s networks and media hubs to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Today, we’re celebrating 2017’s theme: #BeBoldForChange, and we’re proud to showcase a few of our dedicated teammates, celebrating their journeys and the barriers they’ve overcome.

Breaking into Sales in the Tech Industry – Meet Bethany

Bethany headshotBethany started her sales career in the recruitment industry, but really excelled at staffing placements for tech industry clients. Her success required a deep understanding of the technology field and keen expertise and passion for selling across tech sectors.

“From working with tech companies as clients, I developed a strong appreciation of the fast-paced, agile, and interesting environments, which I came to believe I could thrive in. When people think of working in tech, they often think it means being a software engineer, but there are many opportunities to land and expand your expertise in Business Development and Sales in this industry.”

We asked Bethany how she approaches her current role and continual dedication to learning, and she said:

“Being a fast-growing, high-tech company, MediaValet offers the freedom to constantly try out new sales strategies in an environment where I’m not afraid to fail sometimes. We’re all learning together. My growth as a sales professional over the past year has rounded out my experience in complex SaaS sales, allowed me to learn how to have better technology conversations, and helped me understand the wider scope of decision-making hierarchy that is part of the sales process with enterprise companies.”

Bethany is the kind of woman who is inspired by a challenge:

“Obviously closing deals is amazing. I also feel successful when I get to learn deeply about a company, really understand what customer’s pains are, and map out their paths to success alongside the results they are looking for. In order to be effective at my job, I need to tap into each customer’s unique environment and quickly articulate how our solution can help them. Each company is different, and my strategy constantly has to evolve. This keeps me on my toes.”

On a personal level, International Women’s Day holds a special place in her heart:

“I have an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University, so women’s issues and rights are very close to my heart. I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me in high school, so I feel a sense of responsibility to be a good role model for her, especially when forging a path in a male-dominated industry.”

Women Who Code – Meet Jo

Jo HeadshotJo came to tech with a unique background in divergent fields:

“I always loved mathematics and physics, but I also enjoyed creative fields like literature and writing. I decided to follow my love for mathematics and physics so I enrolled in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (in Zagreb), and there, I was introduced to software engineering. It was love at first sight because developing included not only mathematic knowledge and logic, but it also allowed me to be creative.”

Higher education ended up being a great starting point for Jo to develop her talent and potential:

“My grad study program was a good starting point for me. The program was great, but it also allowed me to meet other fellow developers, talk with them, learn from them, and we would often work together on our side projects for fun. I also met some great mentors there who pushed me to be my best self. While I was studying, I was also doing internships and taking on contract jobs to further develop my skills.”

Working in tech allows Jo to continually challenge herself and learn more with each problem to solve. When we asked her how she celebrates International Women’s Day, her biting humor came through, and she told us:

“I usually just force my male friends to congratulate me to mess with them.”

Tech Experience from the Start – Meet Sophie

Sophie headshotSophie is getting a head start on her career and is completing her internship project at MediaValet.

She tells us that:

“I grew up around computers from an early age, so I always found them interesting. I taught myself how to make a website with HTML/CSS when I was 12 and have considered programming a career option ever since. “ 

Doing an internship in development in a tech company that is in the midst of a hyper-growth phase is never easy. We asked Sophie how she prepares herself for each day and reaches for success:

“I’ve only recently started working here, but I try to prioritize learning as much as possible (through books, podcasts, and coworkers) about the designs and methods used by my team. I am finding that it’s important to keep an open mind, learn new things every day and push the boundaries of what I think I can do.” 

In 2017, MediaValet is proud to #BeBoldForChange in support of the amazing female talent we experience every day.

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